♡How To: Winged Eyeliner For Big Eyes♡


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  1. God! Finally an eyeshadow look for girls like me! I always feel clownish with eyeshadow because of my protruding, large, round eyes.
    Thank you gorgeous!

  2. I have lasek for about 7 years now. And I have HUGE eyes and Eye lids. Tbh I've also had a nose job, and I'd rather do that again than the nose job. But if u get it done, u wake up the next morning able to see everything!!! It's crazy. The only reason I feel this way about the lasek is that for some reason I thought I'd be put to sleep for the surgery (which takes less than 5 mins per eye) lol that was my bad. But it really REALLY works. Before I couldn't even drive past evening if I didn't have my glasses. And my contacts dried up my eye after my nose job because they weren't getting enough oxygen so the veins we have behind the eye that give it oxygen, started moving to the front to get it. And then I HAD to get lasek.but I say go for it

  3. I have big eyes too and I hate them lol ppl always makes fun of u or looking at me so weird lol I have same size like urs even blue eyes too

  4. my eyes r same as yours . Am happy that I found this video . Many tease me saying that my eyes may fall down 🙁 because it's too big and protruding


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