❗ Errors❗☑️ in JDBC MySQL CONNECTIVITY Netbeans



I have JDBC connectivity issue in NETBEANS from long time though code was totally fine.
I resolved by removing the default driver (Connector/J driver) from the driver list under databases/drivers.

1. java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.lang.Long. 

2. unable to catching sha2 password or caching_sha2_password

3. Code have no errors but GUI Doesn’t work with Back end database application

4. Main Class Missing while GUI
A common problem that new Java developers experience is that their programs fail to run with the error message: Could not find or load main class ..
how should you fix it?

5. Database remains disconnected after putting password

6. jOptionPane showing errors

7. Important import files

The major issue solved here is almost related to problem in given link below

This as well

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  1. Sir u r vedio is too good I think my 70 %error will be resolved. But my one prob is netbean database Admin configuration plz make vedio .

  2. Good work, sir. I don't understand the language but I have simply followed the steps and managed to fix the problem. Thanks so much for the video.

  3. Bhai database pe jaa ke new connection pr error bta rha hai…. After doing all your steps then also its showing that – "catching_sha_password"….???

  4. Sir in may project an error called class cast exception java.math.bigInteger can not be casted to java.lang.long is coming plzz tell the solution

  5. Phpmyadmin se database connection NetBeans me to ho rha h lekin JB build and run kr rhe h to database connect nhi ho rha h or 2 errors bhi show ho rha h

    1 some input files use or override a deprecated API

    2 recompile with -xlint: depreciation for details

    How to solve it plz help

  6. Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql?zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver (Unable to load authentication plugin 'caching_sha2_password'.)
    I Have error when i do finish at 9.48

  7. brother there is a problem when i create new connection or connect MySQL server showing " " " Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/abc?zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver (java.lang.ClassCastException: java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.lang.Long) """" how can i fix it can you help me please?

  8. sir mera ye error aa raha ha ki " java.lang.classcastexception:java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.lang.Long "
    so what should i do to fix it??

  9. After using the 5.1.47 connector , I got a warning in output screen involving ssl connection without server's identity verification, do I have to worry about this?


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