2019 Honda Passport Sport Review & Test Drive | Herb Chambers | Honda Laura


Hear what Honda Laura thinks about the 2019 Passport Sport. Tell us how you feel in the comments.
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  1. I've own the 2019 Honda Passport elite for about the past 4 month I am happy with this car love how it drive or handle on the road feeling of it the steering light electric steering wheel very comfortable to hold nice leather wrap steering brakes when braking soft and responsive. Interior very spacious even in the back seats and feel like I am sitting higher in the driver seats.

  2. I bought this model. The other models are plagued with a horrible infotainment system that freezes constantly. Add roof rails to make it not look like a Mini-van and you got yourself a decent SUV.u

  3. hello. please do the review of the 2020…we woman need to know..mpg, camera 360, retractable mirrors, extended shades , automatic telescope, no noise, fast, leather, hook for the purse, soft ride. back kids mirror, hide space in the trunk…thanks

  4. To bad Honda does not offer Passport models without the blacked out look including a all black interior that makes you feel like your in a dimly lit cave.
    It would be nice to have a trim option with some chrome to break up the monotone look including the rims and offer a variety of interior color choices.

  5. no Deal, with that stupid on/off engine every stop…yeah I know there is a button to shut off , shuold have a setting in software to disable the useless garbage, they did this to pass gov milage fake standards NOPE to Passport

  6. Luara ur all looking is soooo much cute and beautiful and ur Honda review is a great, I like this and I love you very much my Luara,,,, thanks

  7. Interior looks like from early 2000s compare to the latest upcoming VW Atlas Cross Sport or the Hyundai Palisade. Exterior is boring too. Forester Sport is more exciting than this. Honda’s sedans are better designed than their SUV models.

  8. Oh my brain..! Great content here. All Black Everything,Black is just top notch. Laura you rock beauty. 🤗 Keep those videos going.

  9. Is there a way to special order features to the sport trim
    -heated and ventilated seats
    -Apple CarPlay/android auto radio
    -led headlights
    -plain unpainted aluminum wheels

  10. My gawd !!! How cheap is Honda that they don’t even put a screen for android auto or Apple car play…… on the sport model of the Honda Passport smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ pathetic!


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