2020 Honda Civic review – better than a VW Golf? | What Car?


Good to drive, a big boot, and lots of kit. Sounds like the Honda Civic has a lot going for it – but where does it rank in the family car class? Watch to find out.

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  1. Of course the HONDA Civic is a better car than the VW Golf. The Golf is oldfashioned compared to the Civic.

  2. I do think that most motoring journalist can't forgive any car that isn't a Focus or a Golf, for not being a Focus or a Golf

  3. In my opinion you give not to much credit for a very wel build car. The competition like a Ford, or as you say the Golf and A3 are on a higher platform, but that dream will vanish after owning it for 4 or 5 years.

    In the US and Canada you see the Civic everywhere simply because it's actually a reliable car, the gearbox is like day one, the interior is not warn off, the suspension doesn't need to be replaced nor the engine's (thats very common with Ford or VAG products)!

  4. The first mistake that Rebecca said is other competitors is more fuel efficiency that's wrong I thnik because there is only one hatchback that have the same hp to civic and that's ford focus and they have almost the same fuel efficiency and the other hatchback that's over 180hp kia ceed gt 200hp it has worst fuel efficiency

  5. She mentions the FR-trim level but then they don't show it in the survey of EX, Sport, Sport+, SR etcetera

  6. The best driving but;
    1.Sunroof makes excessive noise. Couldnt solve at service. Ceiling cover makes noises everytime you passover a bump of fall into a pot.
    2. Front dash installation was terrible at factory tilted to the left, service corrected but so many trim noise from center, A pillars.
    3.Seat back support makes noise unless you set it at max, couldnt solved.
    4. Paint job is terrible, there are some areas at 1 yeat old white car that shows significant yellowish effect. This car is sitting indoors in working days.
    5.Dashboard box lock mechanism shows excessive corrosionif you open it, service pointed it.
    6. Metal is very thin in this car, bonet is so flimsy it does not stay is is for as long as 3 months, needs corrections.
    7.Excessive tyre noise, not good, medium or standard. Excessive.

    Best mechanical engineering, terrible finishing in UK!

  7. Today I have bought the 2020 SE model. Was well impressed with the styling, I wanted the SR but it was just out of my price range🙄

  8. Really good, objective overview. Thank god Rebecca is back (I'm not sure where she went buy haven't seen her in awhile)

  9. This is not the 2020 model, the number plate gives it away as being 2018/2019 model. Plus Honda has changed the look of the 2020 model

  10. What do you do with soft interior materials , when then you have gearbox problems , engine problems, etc, etc as you have with the golf (DSG gearbox)

  11. Really? Are you asking if its better than a golf??? Honda is worldwide know as a much reliable car than a VW, no question. The question should be if the golf close to the Honda? . On the other hand VW is a liar Company many people dont trust any more.

  12. I Got the New 2016 Had air coolant problem..
    Sold it out..
    bought again in 2018 faced problem in steering assembly within a year..
    Shape is superb.. Dimensions and curves are amazing.. But reliability does not meet the expectations it’s a piece of shit for me..
    Stay away it’s good shape is trap 😓

  13. The car looks great but here is what I found after driving it everyday for 9 months and 23 thousand miles.

    I had a 68 plate 1.0 Vtec turbo EX 5dr.

    Spec was great with sunroof, leather , heated front and rear seats, wireless charging and Apple car play., lane assist etc etc

    Sat Nav was rubbish, many times taking me into bad traffic and round the houses un-necessarily.

    Engine was great for a 1.0lt, a little noisy but ran out of 130bhp puff at just over 5k revs, shame, I’m used to the old Vtec engines that ring round to 7k or 9k with the type R .

    The main issue with this car was the SEATS, shockingly uncomfortable on long journeys, especially after 2 hours behind the wheel I would have horrendous sciatica, lower back pain, and only stopped once I changed the car, not great for company car drivers doing long journeys and high miles.

    Disappointed as I always held Honda in high regard having sold them for a while back in the late 2000’s . I would never consider one again, only a different seating position like the CRV , but those are horrendous on price these days.

  14. I own a Civic and I have to disagree with alot she is saying. Sponge brakes ? I find the brakes to have excellent feedback, maybe even a bit too grabby .. actually.
    my bmw 220 didn't drive much better. But cruise Control and Honda sense isn't as refined as in the BMW. The Civic is also more fun to drive. Except you can't push the tail out. Wich was fun in the bmw so all in all I think a gasoline bmw is more fun to drive. But I also keep reliability and maintenance cost in check.

  15. If you buy a Honda, you are buying the most reliable car brand on the planet. No other car manufacturer can hold a candle to Honda's enviable reliability ratings. Even Toyota have long lost their credibility for producing reliable vehicles because they have been too busy cutting corners and using other Car manufacturers parts in their vehicles, just look at the new Toyota Supra – Completely Full of BMW parts (Junk) !!! … Trust me i've owned Honda's for over 20 years and they are as reliable as the universe. I will always buy a Honda.


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