An injured hand won't stop Big Show: Raw, Aug. 14, 2017


Even without the use of his right hand, Big Show is determined to defeat Big Cass at SummerSlam, when Cass’ former friend Enzo Amore will be suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage.


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  1. Where did Enzo's New Jersey accent go? Dude sounds totally different and if you notice when he speaks near the end he even sounds southern.

  2. I know for sure he doesn't do it for Enzo for him self he and yes I have to agree big show strength better then big cass but he need to stop and got open for onece at least

  3. Yo raw is trash right now while they r letting Cass win over big show man dude! They better let big show win a summerslam

  4. How many damn shark cage matches are they going to have this year? They already had a few at Takeover Toronto, Royal Rumble, Raw. Also, shark cage matches are usually done to give the face the advantage. It doesn't make sense for Cass to get the

  5. Respect To The Big Show … Even Tho He May Not Be An A Class Superstar He Is Still A Legend … He Has Fought The Best Of The Best In The Business !! Show Em Whos Boss Big Show !!

  6. Can Enzo and Cass to away now? They were mildly entertaining as a duo, not so much now. Big Show deserves a better final year as a full timer than to be involved with these two no-talents.

  7. Enzo really showing worry for Big Show but Big Show has always been a Ring General and like most Legends won't let a young gun out 7 foot him foolish yes but the Wrestles from the good era's of WWE don't back down and out of a match and they don't have a replacemnt match for the card.


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