Beginner Eye Makeup | Week 2 | How to make Eyeshadow POP!


Beginner Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Series Week 2 How to make Eyeshadow POP !!
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Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth ►

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger ►

Brushes Used By BlankCanvasCosmetics :
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Face Brush :
Eye Brush :
Lid Eye Brush :
Crease Eye Brush :
Highlight Eye Brush :

Clear Eyeshadow Primer |
Tinted Eyeshadow Primer |
Concealer | NYX HD Concealer |

Eyeshadow Singles Vanillia –
Eyeshadow Singles Warm Taupe –
Eyeshadow Singles Sienna –
Eyeshadow Singles Noir –

Eyeshadow placement and smudging | E04 Short Flat Shader
For blending in crease eyeshadow | E01 Eye Blending Brush
Eyeshadow placement and smudging | E12 Pencil
For precise blending and placement | E05 Angled Eye Blender
For brows and lashes | E06 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie.
For detailed application under the eyes | E07 Lip/Detailer Brush
Brush Set :
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Beginner Eye Makeup Tutorials

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Makeup Tutorial

Beginner Makeup Lesson

One Brush Application


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This video is a beginner’s guide to eye makeup
From using primer, picking brushes, choosing eye shadows
Application method and fun tip and tricks!

Brushes –
Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush( E23/24)

Blending Duo (E25/26)



Eye Makeup For Beginners:

Eye Makeup For Close Set Eyes:

Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eye:

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Beginner Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Series


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  1. Got a helping hand from my sister (lol get it?) for this one,
    3 ways to get your eyeshadow to pop!! 😘😘😘 Which one is your favourite?

  2. Is there use foundation primer on my eyelid? I tried it yesterday and my eyeshadow didn’t show up at all

  3. I have a hard time finding base or primers that cover the veins of my eyelids im fair skinned i do not care for concealer atleast by itself and any lighter colors still have a show of the veins of the lid anyone find a product or combination of products to help this?

  4. Hi der I tried concealer by setting it with powder but d eye shadows didn't pop ,can u help me out as to wat I can do to make the eye shadows pop??

  5. im so glad i found you. i love your videos. i give a thumbs up before i watch i know there the best. your a beautiful, lovely lady too. great tips! im really doing better on my eye shadow looks now.

  6. Put a little mist of water on your brush before adding your eye shadow will also make your eye shadow pop too!

  7. When I prime I never know if I'm supposed to blend it out , when I do blend it out it gets like little balls especially when I powder over it but if I use less primer it doesn't cover so I don't know if I'm using enough primer or too little and so I blend it or keep it think heavy in a layer I dunno if I use powder I feel like it makes my makeup look muddy maybe I'm not using the right kind of powder ?? I dunnoooo my brain hurts!!!!

  8. Love your videos, your tips are great. But could you do a video on "no make-up" make-up. I would really appreciate it! Thank you.

  9. Option 2 for me, I struggle with wrinkly eyelids! Can you suggest a good brush for applying eyeshadow primer? I usually use my beauty blender but I think it applies the primer a little bit too shear. Thanks!

  10. I don't really like eyeshadow primers. They are to siliconey for my oily eyelids. What I've found is that a dry concealer works best. I've just got the Pro Longwear concealer and I love it!

    I also think that a common eyeshadow mistake is not applying enough powder. When I got my first Kryolan shadows I was very disappointed becase I read that they are one of the most pigmented on the market, yet they disappeared on me after half an hour. You really should apply a lot of powder on your eyelids, at least the same amount as underneath your eyes.

  11. I love this series and I love the way you explain things. You definitely calm me down if I’m a little anxious so thank you! love you loads💕

  12. Sinead what would your suggest to hooded puffy eyes with lines underneath close to the inner part? If I moisturize too much it makes it worse 😢. Thank you in advance xxx

  13. Hi beautiful,
    That was actually so useful, Thank you x
    Also loving your lip colour 😍; can I ask what are you wearing?

  14. thank you so much for your chanel. you are like the only one youtuber in my subscription box who actually teach you how to do your makeup and overall I find all your videos very helpful. and btw you are a gorgeous human being.

  15. You're a genius. Loved it. Totally understood what to do and what not to do. Such a informational video. Thank you so so much.

  16. Such valuable info taught in a way that I can understand! Sinead you're the best! #SineadBrigade – that's what I would name your fan club.


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