Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply Eyeshadow


Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply Eyeshadow
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For Today’s #MondayMakeupLesson we are talking how to blend and and how to use a blending brush. Different ways to hold the brush and how that will change the application. How far to blend eyeshadow and more. Let me know if you’d like more details on anything I have covered and check out my favourite blending brushes below.

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Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

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Blending Brushes
For Small Eyes – E10 –

Deep Set Eyes – E42 –

Prominent Eyes – E25 –

Very Larger Eyes – F28 –

My Favourite blending brush –

My other Favourite –

Beginners Eye Makeup | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply Eyeshadow


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  1. Thanks for the tips and tricks! This video was perfection! I love how you show arrows on areas to cover. I am a visual learner and this was very resourceful! Subscribed 🙂

  2. Hi Sineady, can smokey eyes be applied for deep set eyes too? If you put a video on this it will be super helpful.

  3. I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I never really knew the true meaning of a smokey eye until now everybody explains it so differently but you have just explained it in the best way possible so I know the best method I'm trying this tomorrow! Thank you so much.

  4. what is the camera you are using?😍 plus your voice is soo soothing. hey, got a question: how do you remove the eyeliner that you applied under your eye lid? or you dont need to remove it~

  5. I loved this video. Such a fab tutorial. So easy to follow and loved the graphics and which brushes to use! 🙂

  6. wow the way are making us understand that where and how… put the eye just amazing… I love it… before this video I didn't know the right way of eye makeup… I love it.. and thank you so much …keep it up

  7. Hi please can you use Identity by beauty bay I'm sure you'll love the palette, love your video's so much the way u explain is amazing easy to understand

  8. Hi Sineady… I love your videos… I love it the way your explain!! Thank you soo much I have learned a lot with you!!!!! Thank you!! God bless you!!!!!

  9. Hi Sinead 😬 I LOVE ur tutorials! I never know where to stop and start as far as the corners of the lid when applying shadow. You helped me make sense of it all… MY FAVORITE TEACHER ✌🏽😘💋🍺💐⭐️❤️💜🧡

  10. Thank you!!!! I don’t wear makeup much and I feel so novice with it now! You’ve inspired me to pop some shadow and give it a try 😸

  11. That was so easy!!! Always thought that the smokey eye look was difficult to make!!! Thank you again ❤️

  12. I really like how you showed the parts of the eye…the lines on screen are super helpful! This is a look I haven't mastered yet but I'm still practicing. Thanks for another awesome video!

  13. Oh my goodness. This was incredibly helpful, with way you superimpose the guidelines while describing the areas of different layers of shadow. Thank you so much!

  14. I've been following your channel since 2012. And I've learned so many makeup techniques from you. I have my own little channel now. You make everything so easy to understand. Nobody does it like you. There are so many beauty vloggers/ makeup artists nowadays. But you're always my top favorite 💕

  15. Your videos are like a relaxing therapy to me.. Especially when I hear your voice, it's so calming.. 💕💕


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