Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto aftermath; some BB Comics details! (day 81, #bb21)


Discussing the aftermath of the Power of Veto Competition, plus also BB Comics covers for some of the houseguests!






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  1. What would possible be the reason for Tommy to reveal the relationship between him and Cristy 😳? Kept the secret all this time and when it matters the most…spills the beans! If it were not for T. and C. ‘S unfair advantage, I would want Tommy to stay this week. At least Jackson’s place in the game has been honestly earned. No…I am NOT a Jackson fan…but fair is fair. I still think production will intervene and Tommy will stay. If so..Big Brother is becoming as fake as the Wrestling matches we see on TV. I really hope Cliff and Nicole make it to final 2, and whoever is 2nd place wins AFP. A girl likes to dream!!!

    I don’t know why I didn’t think that they would put bad words on these because I could have thought of Jack’s 😆

  3. All tommy has to do is pull cliff and Nicole aside and tell them that he already told Jackson and holly that him and Christie know each other. Then convince them that holly would tell the jury this info, and then say that that will take votes away from him if he makes it to final two. That would give cliff and Nicole the best chance of being in final three together.

  4. I’m not a fan of Tommy but vote out Tommy and Jolly is too strong. Vote out Holly and Jackson gets out of sorts. Now you have Tommy/Nicole/Cliff vs. Jackson . Re: the comics for Jackson should have been Watermelon king.

  5. The only person Nicole can beat I the end is Holly. Taran said it and I agree. Tommy > Jerkson > Cliff, if Nicole wants to win. Period.

  6. So the fact that Tommy revealed to Jolly that he knew Christie prior debunks megaphone gate in terms of ppl hearing? Or perhaps production was in on it?

  7. Holy Pegasus Batman Nicole was just talking with Tommy on the feeds – she wants to do it! She wants to take Holly out to disarm Jackson! Her idea; she approached Tommy. She said Cliff is preaching loyalty so will need convincing and so she asked Tommy to also work on Cliff from his side. This is the badass BB player we all suspected was there deep inside of Nicole! 🦄 🌈 ⭐️

  8. Holly has to go if anyone besides Jackson wants to win! If she goes home on his hoh he is the biggest joke in stead of him being some great player and the jury will see him for what he is too

  9. Get rid of Holly…There will be no more help for Jackson..He can't go for HOH next time…they would have a chance to get rid of him next week..If Jackson stays he wins…I can't believe Nicole won't get rid of Holly…If she blows this I won't even pick her for fan favorite..because she is stupid…

  10. Nicole can make a deal with tommy, if we get out holly and keep you would you help me with jury vote if I’m final two and you’re gone, something like that think Nicole think 😂😂😂

  11. If both Nicole and Cliff are going to make it to the final three with each other then they have to vote Holly out this week to give them the best chance at that.

  12. Def pull cliff off. Best to have an insurance policy. Better to evict Tommy. If they betray Jackson now, he can still play for veto nex wk (which is really what it comes down to anyway), wit a pretty good chance of winning it, especially wit a fire under him of being betrayed & Holly going out on his HOH. I also agree that if they betray him & he goes out nex wk, he’s really gonna push for Tommy to win over cliff or Nicole. Also a good chance upcoming comps have something to do wit days. Tommy is way stronger in that area than HJack. I’d like holly gone, but best to stick wit the script.

  13. Nicole is from Long Island, they said Strong Island, I think I heard her say that. There are a lot of things that haven't been told and may not be told. I'm sure Cliff don't know that he was in the running to go upon the block. The shaking hands sealed it for Cliff and Nicole, not so much for Jackson and Holly. We'll see what happens. I'm sure Jackson is not above making up a bunch of lies, and he's been playing little bro with Nicole and making her feel very special. I'm surprised he didn't suggest her not using it, after all he's still king of the HOH room :/

  14. Matt & Fans. Pls give the Final 4 Cliff, Nicole, Jackson & Holly an Anliance Name. If they stay loyal to each other, they deserve a Name. Example "Team Mates." Or "Boots & Sneakers" As you all can see I need your help. SPECIAL UPDATE. After Nicole & Cliff assured Jackson & Holly that she & Cliff are going to Vote Out Tommy. Nicole just told Tommy that she Truly wants Him to Stay and vote out Holly and that herself & Tommy needs to convince Cliff because Cliff wants to keep his word with Holly & Jackson. Matt I always look forward to hearing your Videos. I'm speaking for Everyone.. Thanks.. Thumbs All the way Up.

  15. If you keep Holly and she wins HOH only Cliff or Nicole will make final3 because Holly will keep Jackson. If you keep Tommy you have a real chance of both Cliff and Nicole in the final 3 and as result that is the only way to a Cliff/Nicole final 2

  16. Cliff has been trying to get Tommy out for awhile….that's not going to change. Cliff choked when he had the opportunity to get Jack out and he will Choke when he is faced with the opportunity to get Holly out.

  17. Although I think it must be tempting for Cliff and Nicole to vote Holly out I think they are better off just evicting Tommy for all of the reasons you stated in the video. Also, the fact that Jackson and Holly are a twosome doesn't matter. Even if Holly wins the next HOH Jackson could still go home. Everything rests on who wins the Veto next week. HOH only guarantees your own personal safety. The veto holder decides who leaves. So even though it's two against two the HOH cannot protect their partner unless they also win POV. There's no need to turn Holly and Jackson against them when all else is pretty equal.

  18. It was VERY nice to see this season's "mean kids clique" fall apart sooner rather than later. There have been too many seasons of BB of late where the majority picks off the minority with predictability and ease. It's too bad this season started out that way which I think lost some viewers prematurely. The season got so much better at the halfway point with duos siding with the 9 person team breaking up with other duos forming and making deals this way and that. I'd say all of the remaining HGs did well with their respective partners getting as far as they have so far.

  19. One does not know what will happen – so you decide base on sitting in final two: one does not want to sit in final against Tommy. Any other combo works in Cliff and Nicole's favor. (Except Holly/Jackson as final two – lol).

  20. Thanks Matt for all your hard work. This season has definite gotten 100% better. I thought I would have stopped watching the live feeds by now, lol.

  21. I’m so happy Nicole won! I have mixed feelings about how she should proceed now but taking down Cliff and forcing Jackson to put up Holly would give her some time to weigh the odds. Tommy has guaranteed jury votes if he stays but the odds of Nicole and Cliff winning the next HOH if he is gone are so much higher.


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