Big Show savors his three-chokeslam effort against Rusev: WWE Fastlane Exclusive, March 5, 2017


Big Show shows no signs of slowing down after humbling Rusev at WWE Fastlane 2017 with three chokeslams and a KO Punch.
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  1. So Rusev acquires some heat backstage and now the people he squashed on the way up get their victories back. Reckon sometime in the near future we'll see him take 3 world's strongest slams from Mark Henry

  2. Show outperformed everybody last night. normally I hate Big show but at Fastlane he exploded. WWE should think twice about not giving him his rightful last Mania Moment before he retires

  3. Should 45 year old Big Slow really be beating guys with actual talent like Rusev or being "another big guy with a beard" like Strowman during his monster push? Come on man, please retire.

  4. Since Goldberg has returned in the wwe he's only done two moves. The spear and the jackhammer which shows that he's not having to work hard at all. Goldberg shouldn't be just handed championships like this when there's people like Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Sheamus who put their lives on the line for the chance at an opportunity. This paperview was a disgrace!

  5. Huge improvement from the Big Show overall. I'm actually excited when his music hits. Can we have him face Strowman at Mania please?

  6. Big Show savors his three-chokeslam effort against Rusev (Because he may not be at Wrestlemania): WWE Fastlane Exclusive, March 5, 2017

  7. to sum up, he entered as heel, during the ring bell he was face, turned heel when he started to fight, ended the match with a face pin, went out as heel again and did this interview as THE guy


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