BIG Star Wars Battlefront 2 News – BB-8 Release Date, Hero Changes + More!


Star Wars Battlefront 2 News! The January update has a release date plus major hero changes and nerfs are coming to battlefront 2 in the Jan patch. Find out all of the battlefront 2 news here!
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  1. Quick update! Ben said the reason why it comes out on Thursday and not Wednesday is because they were on vacation until start of this month so an extra day is needed 🙂

  2. I couldn’t care less with new droid heroes I honestly am disappointed with their creation ideas. If they want to keep a lot of major Star Wars fans they should wake up and add Ahsoka and Ventress

  3. So excited about the leia changes. Love her! Love her Alt Fire and Pistol. Would love to shoot through the shield and obviously a new grenade for her or immensely make the current one better lol. Palpatine I am sad they are nerfing him, I really don't think that is needed smh….

  4. They need to do something where players are waiting in the select screen when choosing a hero maybe like a 10 second time when staying on there its damn annoying

  5. at some point i hope they add in clone wars season 7 skins. I’d love for them to add Ahsoka and a Mandalore map but I know that’s unlikely. Hopefully they add in ahsokas 501st troopers and mauls outfit with his double bladed saber.

  6. We need:
    The mandolorian
    Jango Fett
    Shadow troopers
    Customizable Storm troopers (empire and new order)
    Jyn Erso cause shes hot.

  7. Ashoka and Ventres, A new seasson TCW6 new map Coruscant, new vehicles or ships, New game mode (order 66) at least in arcade, in multiplayer the assault of the CSI to kidnap the chancellor (Supremacy Capital) the skin of squad 99, and two new reinforcements Ig100 Magnaguards and Senate Guards (Sentinel class) .. Haha is too much to ask? Like, if you want add that content

  8. I swear to god if they nerf Anakin AGAIN and don’t nerf like Phasma ir boba or somebody like that I will not play this game again. I’m getting sick of these incompetent devs not knowing jack shit about what players what.

  9. Can we please get cross play for ps4 and XBOX because I have some mates on XBOX and I'm on ps4 and if u can contact dice about the thing that would be great. 👍

  10. Dont nerf dark aura, anakin, and. They are all balanced, the reason why theyre getting nerfed is cuz hundreds of christmas noobs complain about everything, just get good


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