Bloodborne Guide – How to Drop and Kill the Mother Brain (Blood Rock + Moon Rune + Living String)


This guide shows you how to drop and kill the Mother Brain.
Mother Brain causes the Frenzy and random spike damage around the Nightmare of Mensis area.

If you use the gesture Make Contact in front of the Mother Brain’s eye you will get a lvl 3 Moon rune witch gives you 30% more Blood Echoes for kills.

When you kill the Mother Brain, you will receive Living String used to open the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon where Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen is located.

Bloodborne is made form the same company that created demon souls and dark souls, so this game is much in the same vain.
it plays allmost the same as the other games but you have to be much more aggressive this time around, there is no hiding behind a shield.

Bloodborne is a playstation 4 exclusive and can be bought in retail or PSN network digitaly.

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  1. Hardest boss in the game. Not because the boss itself is hard, but the way to him, THAT DAMN DOORWAY YOU HAVE TO ROLL THROUGH ON THE ELEVATOR! 5 out of 20 times trying to go down there I miss and fall!

  2. God i hate spiders and pitch black levels! Thank goodness i'll never have to worry about them at the same ti- sees the video GOD DAMNIT!

  3. missed the Choir Bell (heals coop partners), when you drop down the hole run across the beam and grab it out of the chest before you get frenzied

  4. Is that an old one? And If soo, aren't they supposed to be strong? That thing might have powerful abilities, but it can't even move? xd


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