C++ Convert Number To String


This video show you how to write a program that will convert a C++ number to string or char. We using the streamstring class and its header file sstream to achieve this goal.

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  1. I'm quite new to c++ (coding in general actually) so my apologies for a question that might incite a possible riot, but why not just use this?

    cout << "The string equals " << aNum << endl;

    Not trying to be a smart@55 either. I'm simply lost on the context, so my main question is what is the point of this type of code? Again, apologies in advance for my noobishness.

  2. You know what is sad, you type into google 'how to convert int to string c++' then 1st suggestion that you get is from stack overflow. Then you look at the 1st answer that got 1250 upvotes, copy it exactly and it is wrong. How even, what even. However this worked 100%. Thanks for making it easy.

  3. Hey I have a problem with the conversion and is that my program what it does is ask you a number and you enter it and later that number shows on the computer screen but what I want is to have less than 14 characters and but here's the problem, everytime i enter the number when it shows up to the is a negative number…. WHY?


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