Chinatown Ho Chi Minh City Travel Stories


Chinatown Ho Chi Minh City or Cholon(District 5,6,10) in my opinion is one of the most exciting districts in Saigon. I’m excited to share this busting neighborhood with you and it’s historic Binh Tay Market. This is primarily a wholesale market for shop owners, cafes, and restaurants so it’s not necessarily an ideal place to shop but it’s an exciting place to visit. I love wandering through the market and the surrounding neighborhood with all of it’s local ma and pa shops. The lack of international brands and chain shops is refreshing as well. It’s a real personable place with locals greeting many visitors that make their way out to these districts. I really hope these videos encourage people to visit because you’ll get such a different experience here than you will if you spend most of your time around Bui Vien or Pham Ngo Lao and the rest of District 1.Start out from Binh Tay Market and just wander. There are interesting shops everywhere and surprisingly still a record of the development of Saigon with architecture that spans the French colonial era, art deco, and 50’s -70’s. The Chinese style shophouses are still to be found in the are with traditional character signs. There are also some wonderful Buddhist/Taoist temples to visit that I didn’t cover off in this video. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy these street videos.



  1. I enjoyed your video because it shew the reality of Cho Lon and Saigon: noise, chaos, dirt, colors, smells, and business. There’re no such things to be hidden nor censored. I’ve seen some ridicule caused by first time travelers since they faced difficulties to adapt the local vibes.
    Touristy destinations: why it’s so touristy and pricey? I wanna see something more local
    Local experience: why everything is such a mess and chaotic, I prefer the touristy ones. Thanks God.
    It’s impossible to please everyone, unfortunately.

  2. Nice video. Where are you from ? I'm from Indiana but I've been living in Ho Chi Minh City for the last 3 years. I spent a little time in the states visiting my children. I love Ho Chi Minh City because the people are so friendly. This is a hospitable place.

  3. I love HCMC it might be my favorite city in Asia. Unfortunately the Norte Dam cathedral was under renovation. Do tell if it’s done.

  4. Had to ask John? Where you in Vietnam as a soldier, your about the right age. Love your video's, keep up the good work. Been debating about where in SW Asia I would like to retire. Also how do you find a place to live, I read about a lot of scams on the net for property. What are the apartments and condos like?

  5. I have a flight to ho chi Minh and I'm not familiar in the city I just want to have an adventure for three days I came from Philippines what I'm going to do there I need suggestions and where to stay Thanks

  6. Isn’t it amazing what conditions humans will adapt to? The health toll of all those horrifically polluting bikes has to be enormous! I know how much you love, even revel in the grit and rawness of these areas.

    It shows in your unending curiosity!


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