COFFIN DANCE MEME | BAD GUY || Piano Mashup Cover | Astronomia | Billie Eilish | Multiverse on keys


What happens when you cross a highly popular song with a highly popular meme theme? Check out in this video! A Piano Mashup Cover of Coffin Meme Song and Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.

A friend suggested me to do the cover of the coffin Meme song which is originally a song named Astronomia by Vicetone and Tony Igy. I started to play it by ear and noticed a striking resemblance to the Bad Guy theme.

And there went the ‘Bad Guy into the Coffin’.

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Tag : #multiverseonkeys
Artists: Vicetone and Tony Igy, Billie Eilish
Song: Astronomia and Bad Guy
Cover: Devang Mathurekar


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  1. Find your cover when I randomly think of a mash up of Bad Guy and Coffin Dance and search it on Youtube lmfao. Nice job!


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