Coronavirus: Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus @BBC News – BBC


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Britain’s PM Boris Johnson is self-isolating but not stepping back from his duties for the time being. He posted this message on Twitter, saying he can continue to ‘lead the national fightback’ from home.

BBC News Special | Coronavirus Daily Update UK PM | BBC

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  1. Free tests to the rich. Poor people that are forced not to work you must pay for your test 👎 80% pay it’s completely wrong. I bet your on full pay boris

  2. The current British Government is a traitor to the people of this country – Boris is a traitor to the people of this country , he is using this coronavirus which has been listed in medical journals since the 1960’s as a collection of common flu strains as an excuse to enact marshall law on the people this virus was downgraded on the 19th of march from a seriously contagious pathogen ( but 4 days later he enacts marshal law on the population of Britain – this fact was NOT reported in the media – the coronavirus is not a new virus as repeated ad nauseam by the media and is less deadly than the common flu which kills FAR more people every year worldwide without the draconian and completely absurd measures . These measures have been enacted on the supposed “ computer models “ of a charlatan by the name of neil ferguson who has been proven wrong time and time again and who has drastically revised his projected deaths several times again nothing reported in the media – it is a disgrace to any free thinking individual to take his word for anything – these measure that have been put in place will devastate this economy put millions out of work and put generations to come into debt to the central banks pulling the strings of boris from behind the scenes – the tests for this virus are not worth a jot they are faulty and unreliable and these measure ‘s will cost far more lives than the virus ever will – locking people in their homes like criminals is a DISGRACE and this goverment is acting as a fascist dictatorship we the people DO NOT CONSENT to this tyranny .

  3. And speaking in parliament reporters etc how many others has this moron infected I cannot believe the uk elected this idipt as PM I know now why I left

  4. Why all factorys is not close my family is home protect them self but if I have to work if factory because I can't work from home it's not possible but I work with soo many people every day how can I protect my self if I get the virus automatically my family get it how crazy this gov is and
    Something for Boris it just lie that's u get the viris

  5. OH THE KILLER VIRUS & Boris is on SKYPE, WORKING FROM HOME & ratting from home.



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