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Today we explore on what to expect in a Cu Chi Tunnels Tour when you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. If it’s your first ever visit, then you must visit the Cu Chi Tunnels in Saigon, Vietnam.

Welcome to Saigon, Vietnam! In this series of videos we’re exploring the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the first time. What an experience it was! Our adventure continues in search of their rich culture, history and local food favorites. We partnered with Onetrip to help us achieve this task.

Tour Agency : Onetrip and

Grateful that we had an authentic Vietnamese experience. We can honestly say, Onetrip organised one of the best tours we’ve partnered with thus far. Our second day in Saigon was well planned out by their team, an itinerary that seemed perfect for solo travelers or even large groups. As we always travel as a family, they ensured all our needs were met perfectly.

Visiting the Cu Chi tunnels was high on our bucket list. As a tourist, what’s important is to take note first here is that, there are two tunnels operating in Ho Chi Minh City where tour companies may take you.

One of them is, the Ben Dinh tunnels, where most tour companies would likely take you – much closer to the city, but be aware, the tunnels found here, are mainly reconstructions or replicas of the originals, built to accommodate tourists who were more on the plus size / foreigners / western tourists.

We instead wanted to experience the real deal, and Onetrip was on point with that.

We visited the Ben Duoc tunnels system instead, famous with the locals, and most definitely, the most historically interesting site in the country, deserving of a visit compared with the other site usually offered to tourists. Yes, it is much further out of the city, but you will not find the site overcrowded with tourists.

We all know that the Viet Cong created these network of tunnels in the Vietnamese jungle in order to evade the American forces, and it was these incredible network of connecting underground tunnels that played an integral role during the Vietnam (American) War.

Our itinerary began with Onetrip organising an early morning pickup from our hotel and quickly treating us to a breakfast pit stop where we had wonderful morning ice coffee, banh mi sandwiches and local fruits. Our day two breakfast location was this time at the Hóc Môn District. Never knew ice coffee would taste that good, weeks after our return, and I’m still searching for a cafe to beat what we had here at this location.

Next, we visited a home based rice noodle factory away from the city. This was an eye-opener for us. Stopping by local businesses along the way helped us learn about the local crafts and industries. Though their production methods and machinery were not state-of-the-art, but we surely admired their creativity and hard work put in producing such incredible results.

Vietnamese food, history, scenery, culture, and local industries, we covered them all in just this one day!

Something definitely we would highly recommend, and something everyone should plan to do if you’re visiting Saigon for the very first time!

Thanks everyone!

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