dance to bigbang


enjoy the dance ^_^
this is an old video and i know there some things that need to be worked on.
any qustions msg me on my profile and check out my other videos



  1. Wow, I wish my boyfriend could dance like that, but he can't he tries to dance, but he ends up falling off something

  2. @ninjayong wew…why?i don't believe u don't dance like this anymore unless something happened to you physically bad…im curious about you..hope we could meet up someday…

  3. thanx, i know its a lil lame since this vid is old old before i started going career. i don't dance like this anymore.

  4. i know this looks like i need to work on some stuff, i agree. this vid was 2 yrs old, check my recent videos then u can see how my style has been changed from this to now.

  5. Be aware of repeated moves, little more energy and try to do something in the lower sphere or on the ground. peace&keep.going.

  6. nice job. i don't need to even finish the video. you're great. i'll definitely check out more videos from you. RGHT AFTER DINNER lols

  7. NIIICCEEE! ya got Skillz
    and VEERY nice when everything just fleew off^^
    Did ya made this dance up yourself?
    Great work!

  8. thanx for the comments, this is an old vid from last year i know i need some improvement on working with the music and my style. new vid will come out soon.

  9. wow, ur amazin, nice footwork and clothing, im a beginner just 5-6 months, im getting better, only thing stoppin me is my parent, cant practice with them =D


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