debrajoy, My blood work is what! Love my tablet!


I’m sure this blood work doesn’t mean anything serious and he didn’t say a word about any sugar problems! Now that’s a miracle! Y’all I wish I could buy every one of you a tablet they are so awesome! Remember that my older son had bought me this big laptop for Christmas A couple of years ago and I traded it for my little tablet! And yes, he was fine with that! 🙂 Do something fun today!



  1. No politics please!💕 It seems like a breath of fresh air to find a channel that is free from politics. I don’t even look at the news now. Too much finger pointing and hate. I can live without that. Just me and my opinion. 💕

  2. Debra Joy, I’ve just now had the opportunity to get back to this post and speak to YOU… and not just to other commenters! SHEESH! “WE… the people” (from both sides of the great political divide)
    can… and often are a VeRy messy bunch! 🤣
    Now to you, Debra Joy:
    I am sorry you received lab results that caused you… (and us, your posse) to raise eyebrows regarding possible health concerns for you. I, (like I feel sure so many in here are doing) am praying for you, sweet Debra Joy! —Praying for a good report, and wisdom for you to follow going forth. Praying for your peace. Praying all will be well with you and that if you should need healing, you will reach out and grab it… as it is available through the shed blood of Jesus… just for you( as well as for all who will receive).
    I look forward to hearing your health update, sweetie! God bless you in every way! Hugs!

  3. Let the doctor know you can't afford a treatment and she can send you to the hospital and the hospital should treat you for no cost. If you can't afford a med, ask for a sample. Also, I am on thyroid meds, my insurance doesn't pay for it. I was paying 45.00 a month. I get the name brand for free because of being low income. I bet you could as well. Let me know if you want information. Also, are you taking the thyroid med and eating or do you wait 2 hours?

  4. All l’m going to say is…..I looked at his statement as saying he was doing this job for us without any income. Kinda for to see he was doing this job without an income….how many of us work for the public as hard as he has…..without a paycheck???👣

  5. You need to look into a medicare advantage plan. SCAN is the one I use here in Napa and it has made a big difference.. Your primary Dr has to be in the group as this is an HMO but if they are they can refer you to any other DR that is in this group. It covers your DR. visits, lab work, Physical therapy and other work. Just look into it. There is a monthly cost of under $50 and it seems to be worth it so far. I wonder if you might have Peripheral neuropathy in your arm. It is often associated with Diabetics. I have been diagnosed with this disorder and I do not have diabetes. But I do have the tingling and pins and needles feeling in my feet and somewhat in my hands. Just wondering if you might mention this possibility to your Dr. Hope you get some answers my friend.

  6. Hey Debra I agree with you on the state of healthcare and the way the working class and poor are treated by the 1%. Heck, if we were given anything that would take out of the richie's pockets and God forbid they lose a penny , they'd be messing and fixing things to help them gain even more. Just remember we were born to suffer. No silver spoons in our mouths. So if we complain and moan we have all the right to. After all the working class and poor are most of the people who fight for our country. Last time I looked I live in the United States of America where we understand how some powers try and turn us on each other and divide and conquer. This Country needs a hero with a capital HERo. Also, I wish people would read or watch "The Grapes of Wrath". We abide.

  7. Please leave politics out of your vlogs. Just a request. Sorry, this isn't what I watch YouTube for and so I can't watch you anymore…..

  8. I love ya as you Debra,, You make my Day😉 God Bless You & L'il Miss Hazel ❤ I'm a Trump supporter😁 I don't care if ya don't doesn't bother me in the least😂 I like You Anyways,, Agree to disagree & Freedom to be 🤗

  9. Deborah Joy do you eat any fruit at all. Fruit has natural sweeteners pictures better than that cakes and cookies that you eat. Also I was wondering if you ate fish. I have high cholesterol so I can't eat a lot of shellfish which I love but I do eat salmon. Salmon is very good for you in many ways. Also I was wondering if you ate salads. I wish I could eat salads but I can't. When I eat lettuce, I bleed because lettuce is Vitamin K which is a blood thinner but on top of that I have diverticulitis, diverticulosis and ischemic colitis. From 2005 to 2018 I had not had a salad and I wanted a Caesar salad so bad and yes with grilled chicken in it. A couple weeks later I had a colon bleed. But I do eat a lot of chicken, some turkey, fish and the only vegetables I could tolerate are asparagus and peas. If you don't like the smell of raw chicken then maybe if you go out to eat order chicken because then you've don't have to smell it. Only after it's cooked of course. I was wondering if you ate pork at all. I remember years ago they said that pork was bad for you are bad for your heart or something like that and then they say that pork is the next white meat. But anyway try to take care of yourself as much as you can.

  10. I appreciate your thoughts but he doesn’t take the presidential salary. He gives it to different programs. I certainly don’t agree with everything thing he says or does but most of these people make big bucks while in office. He was a billionaire going in.

  11. I don't know why you are paying anything at the doctor's office. I have medigap from AARP and it pays everything that part B doesn't pay. The thing that hurts your kidneys is a high protein diet. Your doctors know this but only tell you when you get kidney disease. If you want to invest in the latest, fastest growing medical industry, invest in a dialysis center. If you don't want kidney disease, get on a whole food, plant based diet. No animal protein! If you want to reverse or prevent diabetes, eliminate all overt fat. Get on a whole food, plant based diet (yum!). Sure, eliminate all added sugar, but it's the fat that prevents the sugar (glucose) from getting into the cell (where it belongs), thus leaving it in the blood stream to create diabetes. It's a simple solution. I had pre diabetes, and now I don't. You'll get plenty of nay sayers, but do your own research, with an open mind, and a willingness to be well. You can start here, if you like.

  12. How’s your blood pressure? If it goes to low, it can make you get dizzy and/or pass out! If you don’t already have a blood pressure wrist or cuff one, you should get one.
    Take care of your self!💕

  13. Debra, iam so glad you are going to see your primary doc. we have to take care of our selves. sometimes for me it seems I put myself last. I make sure my husband goes to see his doctor, and even though my mom is in the nursing home I still have to make sure that they are doing what they need to do to take care of mom. Then its my turn, but I have my mammogram once a year and a once a year wellness check. so I do get my care in there to. Have a good day!

  14. Preaching to the choir means they're already on board. they're already saved. they already know what's up. You know how to eat more healthy foods and stay away from the sugary stuff so I'm not going to preach to you. Okay one thing. Beans, veggies, nuts, brown rice, excetera excetera will keep you out of the doctor's office. You can get your sweet tooth craving fix from fruit. I know I hate being told what to do but our bodies will end up telling us what to do.

  15. Remember all of a you, this is Debrajoy’s channel, not yours. If she wants to comment on any one it is her place to do so. You Trump people are overly sensitive about him because people you know he’s a narcissist loser and you dont have the where with all to quit him so you pick on anybody that criticizes anything about him, because you’re afraid to do it yourselves. It’s a free country (and one wonders how long that will last!!!) Go do your own channel and leave Debrajoy the hell alone. She’s lovely. She has a right so say whatever she desires.

  16. Why do you say that President Trump is so worried about money when you are the one that has been talking about how much money you are losing by going to the doctor and putting 4 ads on your short little video. Double standards Miss Joy. You lost another sub because of your hate for our President. Very disappointed. I thought you were cool.

  17. Look into Scan HMO, I've had it for years I don't have copays for Dr's. Most of my meds are free or very low I take all of the same things you do. I love it! Just look into it and see how it compares to yours, it's worth a try.

  18. I found your remark about President Trump very distasteful and disrespectful. Comment about some of the things that have came out of your own mouth. Issue a very fast apology or I will be glad to unsubscribe from your channel.

  19. I left a polite comment about discussing politics and it looks like DebraJoy deleted it! I just asked nicely that we don’t discuss politics in a negative way and try to focus on positive comments and my comment was apparently deleted! I didn’t threaten to unsubscribe and wanted to continue to be subscribed, but now I’ve changed my mind! There was nothing wrong with my comment but I do think censorship is wrong.

  20. Hello Dear!have question you mention you were taken something for your bones?this was said while you were working inyour yard?can you send name of product?please

  21. I have a Kindle tablet… and really use it read books. But I also have an 11 inch Samsung Chromebook that is so light, and since it can not get any viruses, it is like a tablet. I watch all my youtube channels on it .. When the one I had needed to be replaced I got another one just like it .Thank goodness they are not so expensive as an IPad tablet… . less than $200 …way less..

  22. Thank you I’m so happy some of you Americans can see Trump for who he is….. I know our Canadian Prime Minister is no hell but he is 100% better. I had better stop talking about politics I would like to see tomorrow. JUST VOTE……. lol

  23. Trump is insulting his children by saying he is losing millions being president? His children are running his business ..LOL He is tripping.

  24. He gives away his salary. BIG DEAL!! I could use his taxpayer provided healthcare! His "shabby" housing and transportation benefits would be very much appreciated too, but the healthcare would be enough for now! Research the healthcare in GREENLAND!

  25. Hi Debrajoy, There is a series of exercises in a book (Amazon) called "End Back Pain Forever" by Dr. Norman J. Marcus, designed to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. They don't fix a "sprung this" or "herniated that" but they support the area and help hold things in the proper position. Which makes you more comfortable. The exercises were designed for people with bad backs and are very easy and will not aggravate the condition. I did this 3x a week for 4 weeks and felt like I could ripple my back muscles like Tarzan! Might help, gf.

  26. Love your channel. Gotta say though, it's important to listen to more than one news source. Trump is just another Jim Jones only in Politics not religion. Look what happened to those that followed him.

  27. Hi Deb, if you don't get physical therapy maybe you can find out what you can do by yourself to get the arm fixed up. If you get the clinical diagnosis name for the arm problem you could research it online as to what to do for it. Also, check what physical therapy would cost you, heck maybe it's covered… message ?

  28. I believe we are on the cusp of a whole new better honest discovery on our corrupt system and good changes are coming, but it's always the darkest before the dawn and none of us are in that on the street level with no way to keep clean here I pray!!! I have hope….I don't think the Pres meant that the way you took it but that is OK… I am conservative on many things but I believe Health Care is a universal right and we can do it in a way that is better than Canada and England and have a model for whole earth if we get all our corruption cleaned out…or at least MOST of it and that cycles around and we are a young country for that cycle….Blame belongs in both Republicans and democrats lap for long time I believe after lots of study off the main street media and all Memes, seems there is light and dark and not much in-between these days and so much coming out on oh drugs and human trafficking; it almost is too much to take..I have to stay focused and do my small part to help which now is just speaking is huge problem and connected to more issues than we think…..

    Very few in power over the years are not bought for a special interest in a way…this is my humble opinion and it is on both sides, Trump was the only hope because he was not bought, and for what peace he has brought in Korea and giving up his life, safety, abd donating all his salary as President, and of course loosing a lot more not working his business…it is astonishing how many he has employed….he is keeping our economy better than where it was headed etc. I think; like him or not; if one looks totally objectively he has been a better president than we have had in a long time…..things need to change alot more though and I have hope..great hope…I respect your thoughts Debra-Joy and thanks so much for always being so kind to me..I am so grateful though not perfect…for medicaid with my pain stuff and so pray for something even better for all..we can do it..pray all darkness be exposed and healed on this whole planet. Just lost a son of a HS friend in the service, a beautiful man…Trump is also bound and determined to do something about our wasted blood and getting to bottom of some of these wars, the real why's and wherefores..what was really going on???…

    Ok..I still respect your opinion and do not get political often…Prayers for Terry, and you on this fine tuning of Health and great that you can stay on top of this with vitamins and better eating like we all hae to do fat or thin…Good on you for working on holding your liquids..we do better doing that with sip method..luckily I am a sipper and have really worked on less sugar and coke this coke..tea…black or Splenda for the coffee and joys of herbal teas..with Splenda or plain and my ice maker so grateful for…really grateful for my upcoming Dr. Apt. When I can afford….going to monk? for sweet…have to wait..xo all.

    PS..the saying is I know "I am Preaching to the Choir"…means like talking to ones who already know whatever you are speaking about. Originally like you don't need to preach who God is to Choir….xo.

  29. First and most important point in this conversation, Terry will be in my prayers. He is Debra's friend and I love his sassy wit, like DJ, he makes me laugh. I think he and DJ have learned what I learned from my most precious friend, and now deceased fiance. He used to say " I think, we're just gonna have to agree to dis-agree this time, because we're both adults and we are entitled to our own ideas, and besides, I love you so I think we're stuck." Then he would smile and hug me. He had friends who were mentally slow and some that I thought were real jerks and he would say "I know that, but he's my friend, nobody is perfect". That being said ,I'll always choose good morals over money. Everyone is entitled to the same great healthcare our elected officials voted on, and approved for themselves many years ago. Their healthcare is unlimited, and by law, they are paid a salary. What they do with it, they freely made that choice. They also chose to seek the office, they knew the position was supposed to be as a public servant. No one owes them any thing. Respect for the position is the way of a civilized society, but respect as a person must be earned. What they receive from the taxpayer dime, we should also receive. Not one person came to be here on his action alone.

  30. I was just going to comment on preaching to the choir. Then you opened up about Mr. Trump.
    We are so on the same page! Notice how I choose to address him? The honor of being President seems inappropriate for him in my book. He captured the office, but not my respect & support (neither did Hillary).

    Preaching to the choir means you are trying to make your point, but to people who already believe as you do. They are already "in church" with you. You then realize your audience already agrees with you & you are wasting your breath "preaching" to people who already agree with you.

    Mr Trump is not in our church's choir.

  31. make me smile😊I agree with you about him saying being potus is costing him $$ be careful u will stir up a hornets nest lol

  32. I noticed people have commented dont talk about politics and Trump, u talk about whatever u want DJ. Its your channel. And Trump I have met him 3x, biggest, most pompous ass I ever met. Haaa, dont have a channel…

  33. For the people here who are telling or suggesting what Debrajoy should and should not talk about… Might I gently suggest that you get your own YouTube channel and talk about exactly what YOU want to. This is HER channel. Whatever she wants goes.


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