DIY: Croptop và áo thun 3 lỗ (Tank Top)


Music background: Shine (Instrumental) – Rooftop Prince OST

DIY (Do It Yourself): Crop Top and Tank Top

First: I can’t wear that T-shirt because sleeves make me so fat. And recently the weather has been so hot so I decided to cut sleeves to make Tank Top

Two: If you cut wrong, don’t worry, it can fix

Three: So comfortable! Combine with varying clothes. Shirt! Mesh shirt!

Four: Wait a minute! I have another for you

Five: That T-shirt also makes me not comfortable. When I bought it, I think it fit for me. But not! The sleeves too small for my arms. So I will cut it become a Croptop

Six: Two sleeves cover my arm and not make my arm so fat anymore. Yayyyyy!

Seven: A big crop top fits for fat person and Tank Top combine with a black undershirt is so personality. From 2 sample on top, you can make for yourself a lot a lot crop top and tank top

See ya!

P/S: I’m from Vietnam. So my English very terrible, you can correct it for me. It gonna be my lesson too. Thank you for watching my old update




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