Doraemon vs Hulk


Doraemon is drinking coffee at Mountain Drunk’s coffee shop, at the same time as Hulk and Black Widow, confiding next to him. Suddenly, the Black Widow made Hulk hurt his fist and the hulk deflated Doraemon’s face and poured out the tables and chairs Doraemon was sitting on, the cat fell furiously and walked to the Hulk, punching his butt hard. Hulk not only pained but also deflated once again in Doraemon’s face, Doraemon tumbled and took the uzi gun to shoot the hulk and our hulk was still alive. Knowing that guns did not work with hulk, doraemon used arrows to shoot instead of shooting into hulk, Doraemon mistakenly shot his girlfriend Black Widow of Hulk, the battle between Hulk and Doraemon started from here.

Doraemon vs Hulk performed by Mountain Drunk, you should not reupload this video for fame and money.

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