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Elton John – Blue Eyes

Directed by Stephen Priest, the video for “Blue Eyes” (from Elton’s 1982 album Jump Up) was filmed on Sydney’s famed Bondi to Bronte coastal walk. Elton was nominated for a Grammy Award for his vocal performance of this song.

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Elton John – Blue Eyes


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  1. Je l'écoutais à 15 ans grâce à ma tante… je pourrais l'écouter tous les jours… I LOVE BLUE EYES ! :° 2:57 !

  2. Blue Eyes…💙for my Gee…(my blue eyes forever)

    The Love of my life, with all the love and all the pain attached…💔

    (5.4.1964—>and then he was gone in 1999)😔
    I still get tears when I listen to this…

  3. My grandma passed away in 2019 and i love and miss her so much i wish she was here with us and with her being with her family that loves her. Everyone is heartbroken because we lost her in 2019.

  4. I dont know why but i dont find his song as intresting as other music bands.It is more about lyrics not good music.


  6. Laughin in the sun,,, laughing in the rain,,, baby's got blu ii's,, and I am home,,,,,,,,,,,,,🎶,,,,again ♥️

  7. Wish I had blue eyes and my boyfriend could sing to me ha! What a voice! Agree this song is underrated one of my favorites!

  8. Timeless. The first ballad I ever heard from Elton John. To this day it is still a special song to me, because it manages to create its own atmosphere.

  9. This song reminds me of River Phoenix. Even though he had green eyes, it's on the mopi soundtrack. Beautiful song 🌻💕

  10. One of his very best, my daughter who is know just three years old, has the most beautiful blue eyes ever !!!

  11. The whole song is amazing. I really love the sound of the music when it ends around 3:12. It's a great early 80's feel to it.

  12. I'm not a huge fan, but this…… this song is the most sad and beautiful love song I've ever heard!


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