EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Brother' Alums Reunite for Epic BB Comics Shoot and Talk Season 19, aka 'Big Paul'


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Only ET was on set with Nicole Franzel, Frankie Grande, Dan Gheesling and more former houseguests as they channeled their ‘Big Brother’ comics characters.



  1. Honestly, Nicole knows how to play the game sooo well, I feel like if she had power more often in her seasons some pretty cool moves might happen

  2. lol @ all the fake fans. Jeff says to every houseguest, would you rather be loved by America and lose, or hated and win. And these so called "fans" hate when they say loved and lose.

  3. have u ever seen anything more stupid and embarresing these people cant get a real job to save there life who has this much time to keep going on there for this shit lololol Nicole and davonne would sell there soul for anything big brother if they ask them to walk out nakeed they would lol and Nicole gets around for a wholesome girl like she says ugggg

  4. Couldn't anyone else participate besides Austin? Well, just thanking the heavens above that Liz and Julia aren't in this. Liz, Julia, and Raven are the dumbest players in BB history, including BB Canada, and celebrity BB in the UK.

  5. Dude America voted before they got to know the house lmfao! It was inevitable paul would get it. They built him up to be a notable name in bb history but they failed. Anyone could've been in Paul's position. This cast is just pathetic. A bunch of morons who don't know shit about the game. Everyone throws comps .

  6. Oh my god I'm so tired of hearing abt Paul being handed things like the safety. It's the equivalent of Hilary and her fucking emails. Yes he got stuff to help in the beginning but don't discount a season of putting in work because of 3 weeks of safety that probably all of us voted to give him

  7. The only comments that I can respect are Victor's and Nicole can't say anything because the 500k was literally given to her last year when Paul deserved to win. If Paul won last year we wouldn't have seen him this year.

  8. This season has been agonizingly boring to watch. I've seen zero blindsides, zero big moves, and every single week has been a backdoor situation- like they wanted to backdoor KEVIN. Seriously? Seriously?! But the worst part is that they kicked out the only people that could've stood to Paul early on. He has been running the show since week one and all of these idiots have signed the 500K check with his name on it, and they don't even realize it. Even when Josh (of all people) finally caught on to what Paul is doing, Christmas rebuked him and told him not to doubt Paul. Bring on some actual players who are there to play and win for THEMSELVES, not these brainless beauty queens who think they're at a 3 month summer camp. Sheesh.


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