Eye Makeup Tutorial for Green Eyes


Green eyes may be rare, but we definitely received a lot of requests for this tutorial. In this eye makeup tutorial for green eyes, Make-Up Designory’s Reiva Cruze shows you how to make green eyes pop.

First Reiva preps the eyelid with the Vintage Eye Pencil ( ) and the #810 Blending Brush ( ) to create a base shadow.Purple is a nice compliment to green eyes.

Next Reiva applies Vineyard Eye Color ( ) on top of the base as she continues to build layers of warm colors from the red family. Keep to the outer corner and use a stippling motion to apply the eye color., softening and diffusing as you go.

The next warm color is Galaxy ( ) witch Reiva applies with her #800 Crease Brush ( ) on top of Vineyard working up the upper lid from the lash line.

To create a delicate highlight, Reiva has selected Cashmere ( ) which she carefully applies using the #320 brush ( ) on innermost part of the upper eyelid.

For the lower eyelid, grab the Vintage Eye Pencil again along with a #210 Angle Brush ( ). Again, you are going to load the brush with color from the pencil instead of applying directly with the pencil. The #210 angle brush allows complete control as you build a drop shadow along the lower lash line, working from outer corner to inner corner.

Complete the look with Make-Up Designory’s Volumizing Mascara. ( ) which can be used with the wand right out of the tube for personal use, or applied with the #500 Fan Brush ( ) in professional applications.

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  1. Ok…Baby girl what if your a red head…Very red ( ok Orange ) . Because she is not a red head!!! Mama is 63. Still Freaking red!!! Thanks baby girl…What I do dose work but always looking for better! Can you suggest…Many thanks…Rach

  2. I saw a girl with green eyes, I clicked. I've green eyes too, but they're even greener than hers. I don't have dark spots though, more like a very light shade of prominent yellow around the pupil but the rest is very green.

  3. My eyes have a lot of differents shades
    Sometimes they're Grey and brown in the center, othertimes are dark olive green, Grey and Hazel Green in the center.
    I'm confused lol

  4. Mine are a dark green more like a forest green and I can't figure out how to not distract too much attention from them when I do my makeup lol

  5. I have red hair and green eyes and I also wear shades of violet as eyeshadow. I learned nothing new. It seems you enjoy what you do so next time how about a make up look that does not make her look like she just rolled out of bed?

  6. Hello, this process seems to be very tough, there is a quite simple method. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". Here there are very simple tips which will be very easy for you to follow.

  7. All comments in a nutshell:

    95%- my eyes are of this and that color and they are just amazing
    3%- makeup experts on how to makeup eyes correctly
    2%- admiring this girls eyes.
    Don't scroll down…nm der

  8. +I have dark green eyes. I don*t understand why everyone recommends purple to compliment green eyes. It Looks like coming out of a boxing match with Mohammed Ali. I tried it and could't stand the "bruised" look

  9. good to see blue-eyed and green-eyed girls working together….. The two most beautiful eye colors for sure!

  10. Mine are a very dark hazel or some say it's light brown. Although I see specks of green inside my iris, so they're most likely wrong..
    I really am in love with violet, ice blue, and green eyes.
    I really don't like my eye color a whole lot so sometimes I use colored contacts, whenever I get the chance to try some new ones out.


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