F | MS | Kento MOMOTA (JPN) [1] vs. Viktor AXELSEN (DEN) [5] | BWF 2020


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  1. Momota is the best player now. He has perfect offensive and defensive skills. I love the way he plays. His performances always stable, stay calm and careful

  2. With the kind of mental strength Momota has developed over the the years, its going to a tough time for anyone to beat him at the Olympics this year. Hell, I might even go ahead and say he's gonna win it. The fact that he rarely smashes in this game shows just how much patience he has and the mental strength he possess than his fellow rivals!

  3. "Axelsen is smiling, Momota is not smiling, that´s the way to win"…what??? Axelsen was simply mentally and phisically finished…at that point the only way to go on is to enjoy the rallies. No chances for him against Momota at the moment, may he could just win 1 set.

  4. Few hours after winning this game Kento Momota had a car accident going to the Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport. I pray for his speedy recovery…

  5. I must say actually Axelsen has already played very well, really very well. But Momota was simply so… Simply no solution when people play against Momota. It is too hard to get one point from Momota. For every single point you have to pay a lot and do your best. This is the problem.

  6. 1:00:05 you don't like that he's smiling and having fun while playing badminton for a living? The dude was tired out of his mind and was clearly going to lose. Give him a break man.

  7. Axelson is a well educated young gentleman, a sportsman, but he should be focus on winning more and don’t be hesitant of taking due advantage of situations.

  8. that between-the-legs shot from Axelsen was highly unnecessary and just giving away points. That was nowhere near being out …

  9. 'Axelsen is smiling, he should not be smiling'. No way he ever beats Momota, only an injury to Momota would do it. Too slow, no disguise, Momota fitter.

  10. The loop of the intro music is badly cut and i'm pretty sure there's also a pitch error in there. Doesn't do the rest of the show any justice really.

  11. Axelsen tâm lý ko vững, căng thẳng quá nên cơ thể cứng, đánh lỗi nhiều, lúc nó xác định thua ở tỷ số 17-4 gì đó bắt đầu thả lỏng tâm lý đánh hay hơn hẳn, quan trọng là ko khắc phục được tâm lý thì sẽ luôn đánh lỗi thôi


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