Gambino Slots Win Big At Home


Gambino Slots Win Big At Home. This Free to play game you can get from windows 10 store. #chasharper #gambinoslots


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Equipment Used:::
Acer Z-35 Monitor Gsync 200hz
i7 7700k Overclocked 4.8Ghz
Geil Led Ram 3000 Mhz
Two Nvidia Gtx 1080Ti Fe in Sli = Stock Speeds No Overclocking
Aorus Gigabyte G 5 Led Motherboard
Evga 1050 Gold Power Supply
Deep Cool Captain Liquid 340 Cpu Cooler


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  1. A Fun and Free Windows 10 Game you might enjoy. Thanks Everyone for watching and I hope you like the video hit the thumbs up if you do. Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone.

  2. Hey Chas harper i want to be very respectful and i am here because i would really love to say is that your channel is so amazing and i love all content you have on your channel its truly the best and its awesome and cool all together and i hope you will do alot more well soon and in the future keep up the spectacular work and you are doing great and i am proud of you as well and i will always be there for you and i want you to stay strong and proud and dont feel down or sad and i will always send all of the love and support to you and dont give up and you will do excellent and i believe in you always and would you like to subscribe its okay you dont have to its fine ^^
    -Hopes and wishes from Drewyn

  3. Big Like added buddy!! Now this is an awesome share I LOVE slot games!! (Not a gambler at all) but for some reason their always fun…probably becuase I like the sound of the winning machines. BTW- Two thumbs up I love the Kat Williams & Eddie Griffith inserts haha!! Happy Wenesday=)!!

  4. Like 33. Hello friend!! Cool slot games!! A lot of people enjoy just playing the slot games. I have a friend that loves casino games. I will share this with her. And yes, this is a game I would play! Tfs❤

  5. Very cool games so realistic I enjoy watching it time to time wow lots of awesome games haha big win good to see you it was neat good vid 👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦💥

  6. Hello i so love slot games i can play them for hours and this isn't taking all my money you know 😁love this will check it out will give me something cool to play on my down time thanks for sharing this one with us pretty cool

  7. OMG this reminds me of the huge casino just opened near us.. I have no idea how to play but loved watching you play,full view from us


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