Gear review: Sanho Colorspace Hyperdrive UDMA


Here is a review of a great little device we use all the time. It is the Sanho Colorspace Hyperdrive UDMA storage device. It’s a huge time saver for event photographers, or just for those who plan to take a trip and do not want to bring with them a big laptop to offload the many photos they will be capturing along the way.

You can read the full review on our blog:

Here’s a link to this product on BH Photo (same trusted place we purchased):

Note: You can also buy just the casing alone and put in your own larger HDD.



  1. Yes you can. We have not personally done it, but to offload from the Hyperdrive to a portable harddrive you would need what is called an USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter.

    Also.. just so you know, our rule of thumb is to never format on-site. Memory cards are so cheap nowadays, make sure you have enough to cover your whole day. In this way we always have 2 copies on site (one on original mem cards.. 2nd copy on the Hyperdrive)… and once we get back home we make a 3rd backup.

  2. Is it possible to connect a second portable hard drive to the device to create an additional copy? It scares me to have just one copy of the photos before formatting & using the memory cards on site.

  3. Youre welcome. It's the same reason we got the hyperdrive. Didn't want to carry a laptop on sight.. not to mention having to babysit the laptop transfer the whole time.

  4. We dont have a 64gb card yet, but a 32gb card will take roughly 10-15mins. Transfer speed is on average 30MB/s. But we're never babysitting the drive, it's insert and forget it.


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