Guide to BIGBANG: Mem(e)bers


This video is meant to be both fun and helpful. I tried my best to make it unbiased. If I missed some important information, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make the video even longer than it already is. Copyright is also a bitch.

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Seungri is such a hard worker and cares about his fans I hope he is doing okay and I hope the other members are doing well in the Army as well<3

  2. Here in 2020 and upset that seungri got so much hate last year and left the group, every hater should come watch this and see the kind of person the greatest seungri is, ugh! so sad

  3. This was amazing thank you, I love them recently got into k pop and these legends, I wish I knew about them earlier so I could see them in tour 😭😫

  4. I have captions on cause its like…2:53 am so i can't have the volume up, and around 10:31, or less, the caption thought that the song said, "whooping condoms"

    im done 😂

  5. I didnt know about that accident with fire works… Now i get it.. Ive seen in a video where seungri pulls deasung and gd back so they dont get hurt like he did.

  6. I love it so frkn much I love them and love how you present everything known about them so beautifully and cool thank you..I would love to see more of your work

  7. I've heard quite a few Bigbang songs before, Bigbang's music got me into Kpop. You'd expect me to be familiar with their voices, right? So why the heck was I still shocked by TOP's speaking voice?!! I've even heard his rap solo, Doom Dada. His voice is so deep. Also, big thanks to the channel Trackpop for leading me here.

    +lina Tilda Your work here is much appreciated, this video is a perfect balance between being informative, charming, and entertaining. I've been meaning to look more into the King's personalities and background stories (I only knew a few things here and there), but it's not easy finding an accurate source or a source that isn't too biased/opinionated. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and time flew by, I hope you make a second part if you're able to. Have a great day! 💜

  8. This is so funny & yet sad too, they start from 0 & some of them start very young GD & Seungri..need more info about their solo activities such T.O.P as actor & he did it great..also need to update with Seungri since he release his new solo after 5years…hope there will be more to add to the video, waiting for BigBang released from Military 🙏💜 thank you for this video 😘💜

  9. I’m sad Taeyang got like a 2 sec introduction lol & I feel like he should’ve gotten at least a little more time 😕 him and Daesung

  10. Can u please explain how u made this AMAZING guide? Like how did u find that voice & use it? I'm literally hearing that voice in a lot of kpop guides. Also what software did u use to compile the clips & put the information?

  11. Very good and informative video, but I feel like Taeyang and Daesung's parts felt short compared to the others.
    Still good, though.

  12. Oh yeah, but BTS is the only kpop band that had it hard right? (I love BTS but I'm so fed up with new kpop fans assumptions) This is the best Bigbang guide I watched, thank you ❤

  13. came here cuz of trackpop wouldn't of found it before! This is such a good guide needs more views like the other ones are so cringe

  14. THE why hadn't i watched this before. all the other existing guides are cringey so thank you REALLY for making this. legend


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