Guilty Crown – βίος / Bios (Rearranged Medley)


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I was sorely disappointed with the original version considering how much I liked the song when it made it debut in one of the episodes. So I decided to make my own mix that suites my taste. *I simply picked three songs and re-arranged the parts to make one ‘super-track’

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  1. Makes me think about all Ive done wrong, and all the wrong thats been done to me. Then I crylaugh that I always seek the best for even my enemies, even though some have tortured, abused, and worse to me..then my tears dry and I get a sense of pure drive to live better just to show that revenge, hatred, pain, and wrongful acts only darken your own soul, worse if you pull enjoyment from it. Im happy im not longee the drug addict I once was…I feel like my protagonist powerup is finally rising

  2. That is amazing work!I feel a lot of emotions and flashacks.This is like the whole story of Guilty Crown in one soundtrack.

  3. I don't listen to the lyrics or what language it's in in anime songs. 90% of the time they suck. I listen to the composition.

  4. Vocalist reminds me of Hiroyuki Sawano but idk if it's her or not.

    For thos who like the German lyrics sung by a Japanese vocalist aesthetic, Vogel im Kaffig (I think that's how it's spelled off the top of my head) is a really good song from the Attack on Titan series.

  5. you understand no word even if you know the language. It sounds like a japanese vocalist tries to sing in english but uses german lyrics

  6. I have watched Guilty crown 2 times and im currently rewatching it a third time. And never have i realized that this is german. I am from germany…

  7. Here i am in this song again
    Back to ask for more confidence and strength to continue on this unfair world we live in, my career failing along with some pressure from family members i was on brink of depression and yet this song is telling me to face forward such a powerful song…


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