Half Life Alyx (3) is OUT & it's AMAZING!


I play half life alyx
the new valve vr game half life alyx is on steam epicly
this video has epic gameplay part 1 as it not half life 3 part 1 sadly
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  1. you can train your head to be okay with smooth motion in VR, it just takes a few hours for most people, tho there are some who try hard and never get used to it

  2. At least Valve remade the Strider sound cause the last one was like furniture creaking and a guy screaming on the mic.

  3. 6:42
    "Мы говорим:
    Работай умно а не долго!
    Три основных правила эффективного управления временем:
    – Распиши свои задачи
    – Передай их другим
    – Передай другим то, что осталось"

    Translates to:
    We say: Work smarter, not longer!
    Three main rules of effective time management:
    – Write down your tasks
    – Delegate them to others
    – Delegate the rest to others

    I'm not sure what it means though 😀

  4. i was watching this while having online class and suddenly i hear my teacher but i thought it was in the game so i was freaked out

  5. I honestly thought that there would be more emphasis on melee combat. Imagine how awesome it would be beating zombies to death with weapons found in the environment similar to the Condemned games rather than just shooting them all the time. It feels like they've taken a step back rather than forwards with the combat.


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