Headliner Special #2 – BIG BANG


Since their debut in 2006, Big Bang have transformed from being just another K-pop group to becoming true global music icons – redefining what it means to be true artists in the K-pop music industry. Mnet America proudly presents HEADLINER, featuring G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri. See how they rose to the top to become the trendsetters we know today.
HEADLINER- a monthly biography series on the most high-profile Kpop stars in the music industry such as PSY, G-DRAGON, BIG BANG, 2NE1, GIRLS GENERATION and more. This is the never-before-told life story of today’s hottest artists that gives a behind-the-scenes glance into their trials and tribulations. Follow them on their rolling road to success, fame and ultimate glory.

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  1. Old video but way better than all those unhelpful or helpful guide about Bigbang. This one got a heart and humor added to it.

  2. Nothing but respect for Big Bang👏 and quarantine days making me go gaga over Big Bang again. I hope we get a 20 years celebration👍

  3. Its kind of fun to actually see people with their own biases intact interact with cross cultural phenomenon like this.

    Sure it's a little offensive in parts but it's authentic. The quips are authentic as is the interest.

    Its strangely refreshing to see in an age where you see online sychophants pretending to worship something they don't Fully understand for either the approval or clout it gets them.

  4. "..what's wrong with these demon children…" him saying that to the korean fans petitioning BB not to tour in Japan for the tsunami really hits the spot.. Those demon children are now adults using media and calling themselves knetz. Jesus. 😔😡😷

  5. Really great documentary…I thought I couldn't love them even more, so much respect for this group for going through all those hardship and lasted 13 years this year. It's really sad that their own country are trying to bring them down now but knowing what they went through, I'm sure the moment they got discharge from the military they will be stronger than before.


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