How KFC China Acquired its Egg Tart Recipe


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The Macau egg tart was invented by a British guy in 1989, which started a new dessert craze across East Asia. This is the little-known story of how his ex-wife took the recipe and sold it to KFC.

If you want to learn more about the egg tart history, here’s an article that talks about how Macau got its famous Portuguese egg tart:

Written by: Dolly Li and Clarissa Wei
Voiceover: Arthur Chong
Produced by: Clarissa Wei
Shot by: Mario Chui and Nicholas Ko
Edited by: Nicholas Ko
Mastered by: Victor Peña
Featuring: Lord Stow’s Bakery ( and Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

Music: Audio Network


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  1. Stephanie Soo talked about your channel so I was curious. Started with the boba tea video and now I'm here and it's almost 3am here for me. Your channel is really interesting!
    By the way, I'm a Portuguese born Chinese so…. I gotta say it I am not a fan of the KFC egg tart. It's soooo not an egg tart. But still very interesting story that I didn't know!

  2. How much of a colonialist complex asshole do you have to be to name yourself lord and make it the name of your restaurant

  3. With the dropped enouciation of the r sound sound in tart, he could almost pass as a Bostonian – “I pahked my cah in Hahvahd Yahd”. 😉😉


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