How to Get Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition for Free on PC With HD Gameplay Proof!!!


In this video, I show you guys how to get Bioshock Infinite for free on PC. I included a gameplay in this video that is why it is 20 minutes long. Watch in 720p!!!



Winrar (64-bit):

Winrar (32-bit):

Torrent File:

Thanks for Watching!!!



  1. you can download it from the pirate bay just instead of being make it
    EDIT: no vpn required (at least for my country)

  2. N O T W O R K I N G 🙁
    I D O W N L O A D F R O M T H I S L I N K:

  3. Please can u do one without pirate bay I live in Sweden wher piatebay was founded and here there is big security when it comes to pirate bay and if I download it I will get caught no doubt

  4. i know it's an old video but your commentary is actually pretty good and not very awkward, a let's play channel is probably a good idea.

  5. thank you friend, this worked for me. Just a tip: try to make your videos shorter and with a higher tempo. You dragged on alot of things during this video where you pretty much didnt do anything

  6. why my bioshock infinite is spinning
    auto looking left and i dont have a cursor and always going on xbox controller when i start i the game my character look lefts


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