How to Get Zip Codes


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If you don’t have the right zip code, your bills may be late and your letters may never arrive at their destinations. Use this guide to make sure your mail gets to where it needs to go.

Step 1: Log onto
Log onto the United States Postal Service website at and. Access the ZIP Code Lookup tool by selecting Look Up ZIP Codes in the navigation bar located in the top left corner of the web page.

You can also call your neighborhood Post Office to get a ZIP Code.

Step 2: Search by address
Search for the zip code by entering the mailing address, city, and state of the zip code you’re looking for, and then clicking on Submit.

Step 3: Search by city
Search for the zip code you want by clicking on the Search By City tab, entering the city and state that the zip code is located in, and then clicking on Submit.

Step 4: Search by company
Search for the zip code where a specific company is located by clicking on the Search By Company tab, and then entering the name of the company and the company’s address, city, and state. Then click on the Submit button.

Step 5: Search for cities in a zip code
Search for all of the cities located within a zip code if you already have a zip code but need the name of a city. Enter the zip code and click Submit. Now your mail will always reach its destination.

Did You Know?
The Post Office Department implemented the five-digit ZIP Code system on July 1, 1963.



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