How to Make a WEBSITE for FREE!


IMPORTANT: If you have any website-related questions, please contact Wix; NOT ME. The fine people at Wix will be happy to answer them! 🙂

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Wix’s intuitive, Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) software automatically builds a stunning, professional-looking custom website for you in just minutes! In this video, I’ll give you an overview of Wix’s ADI and how you can easily edit any part of your website using their super-easy, drag-and-drop editor and Wix’s other easy-to-use features!

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  1. Trying this because my parents are fighting and my mom doesn’t have lots of money so I did this to make money for my mom (:

  2. I dint even finish my highschool but i learn exel. Microsoft. And evrything… in youtube.. jow im goin to have my own wedsite thru this vid. Awesome…
    Thanks for aploading😊

  3. Okay may I ask I sell lipglosses. And I was wondering if I cans sell my lip glosses on there? Do I still need a selling licence? Please respond! And I liked ur video! <~3

  4. I don't have any experience of it, and I would like to start my music band website. Therefore, is there any rest that I might face if I do so?

  5. Well I am making an website. And will be sure be saying thanks to : Wix and Blue lightning TV and Photoshop! Thanks to you my dream is now real🤗


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