How to Make Eyes Look Bigger in 5 Minutes


Easy steps to make your eyes look bigger yet still natural. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with future videos 🙂

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Products Used:
– Acuvue Define 1 day contact lenses in Brown
– ABH Contour Kit – Medium
– MAC chromagraphic pencil NC15/NW20
– MAC Rich Experience Liner

Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro, SmartLav
Lighting: Stella Ring Light
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro

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  1. Нихрена у нее глаза не стали выглядеть больше, только подчеркнула свою азиатость ((((

  2. I'm shook , People want to have big eyes and then there's is the students in my school who are making fun of my eyes because they are big -_-

  3. Tina your naturally beautiful meaning the makeup isn`t your trick i need a make up tutorial that transforms trolls into sleeping beauty!!

  4. Yes, yr eyes bit small, not bad. I'm man but my eye nice n big n round, make me look like movie asian star naturally, bling bling, hihihih.

  5. Do your eyes look bigger w contacts? Because I have very very small eyes with literally no eyelids and I’m Korean and I have glasses. I want to not wear glasses but I’m so scared to take them off because I have short lashes and no crease. At all. Plz help:(


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