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How to make banh xeo or crispy Vietnamese pancakes/crepes at home.

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.


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  1. I made it today and it taste so good, but when i tried to fold it, somehow it ruin and it wouldn't stay together like crepe consistency, i used nonstick pan and i made sure it was enough oil in the bottom, but still taste good tho

  2. I think the liquid ingredients is typo incorrect . Its too thick! Its look like crepes not crispy. Please check again and let me know. Thanks in advance.

  3. I am going to have to try this recipe! Love watching yours and Mama Noi’s videos! Reminds me of cooking with my Mama Lek (Thai Moms so feisty in the kitchen!) 😁

  4. Love your Facebook posts. FYI you can make a crispy crepe with less oil by keeping the batter as cold as possible by placing the batter bowl in a ice water bowl. Enjoy.

  5. She said in the beginning, "this is MY version". When it comes to traditional recipes that have been passed on through generations some people recreate their own and that's okay. That's why I love cooking, there's no one way to create delicious flavors.

  6. Looks delicious. I will have to try the recipe. I used to go to a Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco that made this and I would order it every time.

  7. Hey Marion, I am going to give these a go tonight. I wasn't able to get limes :(, so I had to use lemon's instead, not quite the same, but sauce is tasting great already. I haven't got enough turmeric, so I thought I would throw a few cumin seeds in the pancake batter, I love cumin.

  8. I had trouble making the crepe…it tasted good, but maybe I thinned batter out too much? I doubled the recipe and ended up using all the coconut milk, cooking on medium heat. Should I use a higher heat? Approximately how many minutes to cook the crepe? Delicious, but crepe did not come out like a taco shell, more like an omelet!

  9. Making the batter is the most trickiest, my dad said practice makes perfect. But I want Banh xeo now 😆

  10. I definitely had a learning curve when making these. The first one I made was too thick and ugly. I thinned out the batter to make it spread in my pan. I found a 10” or even 6” pan was more manageable for me. So good with the sauce. I used cucumber,carrots, chicken and wonderful cilantro! Yum, Marion!

  11. My Mum and Grandmother filled the pancakes with pork, prawns, beanshoots. All served on the table, banquet style. Grab a lettuce leaf, add herbs ( Vietnamese Mint, papilla herb, mint), more bean shoots, break off some pancake with your chopsticks and wrap it all in the lettuce leaf. Dip into the Nuc Chom ( they pronounced it as Nuc Mum) and enjoy. Pancakes were coloured with imitation saffron.

  12. When I went to Hoi An, we cooked this during cooking class. It was amazing! And I am a fan of crispy stuff so it gets plus points for me.

  13. Hi Marion, do you use regular rice flour or glutinous rice flour for the pancake mixture? I'm looking forward to making these soon! Thanks for all the great recipes and helpful instructions.

  14. I love your cooking! And I have learned so many techniques from you! Thank you so much for all the recipes!

  15. hi Marion,

    Made this recipe and it came out amazing. didn't hv all the ingredients to serve but it was tres bien 😘

  16. OMG🤗that is my favorite awesome ever food💘Mama I will thank you for my life and great cooking food😚🎁🎗R.I.P💔😭

  17. I just cook tonight pancakes vietnamese but i did with mushrooms no meat or prawns. It is vegetarian without fish sauge. Just vegetarian is still nice..

  18. I just made tgese pancakes today, and even though they looked exactly like yours, they broke when I folded the empty half over the filling. Is this normal???

  19. Ha ha! I'm one of those who can't eat fresh coriander. I appreciate you mentioning that. I've gotten tired of video chefs saying that we should just get over it. Trust me I really wish I could! I love Mexican and Indian and SE Asian cooking but it means constant dodging the coriander. I can't eat bahn mi at all. On the bright side I wound up learning to make my own salad rolls because they looked amazing in restaurants but always pre-made and always with coriander. I put basil and mint in mine and they are heaven.

  20. Marion, I’ve been following you since you appeared in Masterchef. Love your videos, I’ve tried your recipes, they’re delicious!!!!!! I live in Mexico City and wonder how I can get your products. Saludos con cariño desde Mexico 🌷🌷🌷

  21. Vietnamese here 😋. Your recipe is a little bit different with traditional banh xeo, my mom will add green onion in batter, and pork belly and shrimp, etc, but your recipe looks yummy though.

  22. I followed the batter recipe to the T but it came out very thick? Added another half cup water and coconut milk but still too thick so batter when cooked was sponging in middle yet still slightly crispy on outside. Is it definitely 1 cup of rice flour? I suspect a typo in ingredient measurements – should it be half cup rice flour??? In saying that, EVERY recipe I’ve made of your works perfect every Time and I still scoffed these pancakes down!


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