How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – Quick and Easy Makeup Tricks


We all love that big doe eyed look. There’s something so playful and sexy about them. However, not all of us are genetically gifted with them, and that’s OKAY.

Just follow these super simple makeup tips, to achieve that wide-eyed, flirty look.

The products Saba has used are:
1) Sephora’s Long Lasting Kohl Pencil 07 in Infinite Beige.
2) Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 in the shades: SIN & SMOG.
3) Sephora’s Outrageous Curl Mascara.

To create this look, you could use any other brands’ flesh toned or white kajal for the waterline and similarly use an easily available highlighter shade and brown eyeshadow.

You could also optionally add a pair of faux lashes to enhance the look. Yes it works!

You know how it goes, stay tuned, stay Glamrs.

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  1. Hey Hun I like your hair😊 okay so the eye pallet you are using is it naked 1 I have naked 3 it's very nice but I like yours 😍 nice tutorial for wide awake eyes👀 like it

  2. The girls that are hating on this woman in the video need to offer constructive criticism to her or turn off the video. No need for the negativity and girls' comments that are obviously jealous. Remember everything you put out in the Universe- kindness, compassion, smiles, good actions and deeds- they all return to you. You reap what you sow! Leaving rude comments will not make you a better person, it will only make you look like an ignorant child. So, for your own sake, just be nice (or say nothing at all.) There's too much negativity in this world without anyone else adding to it here! Peace!

  3. what i dont understand is that the person presenting the tips has not really executed them well plus her face is so caked up with all that make up and too add to it, the angles from which the shots were taken just added to the over all "overdone" look (for lack of a better word). the tips were actually what really works while trying to get an instant fresh and wide awake look just that it wasnt presented well and i would suggest especially in this case, little makeup goes a long way. what i mean by that is instead of a really strong application of the nude eyeliner on her lower lash, she could have used less pressure and had a subtle skin colour that would have actually helped create the look she wanted to achieve. plus her upper lid looked so naked it wasnt helping the look at all, she could have used a black eyeliner to tight-line and that gives an illusion of having thicker eyelashes. all-in-all was probably a 3/10 for me since the points said is absolutely right but the way it was executed- really not impressive at all. pretty sure pallavi was the one needed for this sort of a video. PS not a hate comment per say just sharing my feedback hoping for it to be constructive 🙂


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