How to Multiplayer or Coop Crack Any Game


IMPORTANT: I forgot to mention that you have to get the game files from, because only clean Steam files work, and they are the only ones offer clean files. Precracked ones don’t.

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have anything to say feel free to use the comment section down below.


Download Link 1:

Download Link 2:

Source Code (C#):


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  1. Hey can I download any cracked game from any website but like the lastest version for the game and do the same?

  2. Guys Please don't Download it, Its a Keygen.
    Here's Virustotal Link:

    See yourself its a virus

  3. I tried with rimworld and all went ok, but if I start the game with steam open it block on black screen, if I start without open steam it go fine.
    Someone can help me to solve the problem?

  4. Hey helo there, im trying to connect my friend and I in company of heroes, either 1 or 2, would this work for us?

  5. Hey bro can u help me do it because idk how to do it by my self oh and my game is ghost recon wildlands and its crack too

  6. Hi, I tried on borderlands 1 enhanced, but when I try to press invite friends, nothing happens. Appreciate it if you could reply to me! Great videos thou!


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