How to use Wii U USB Helper? (Download Wii U games, updates and DLC)


The Wii U USB Helper is probably the best tool to download games, updates and DLC to your PC for the Wii U emulator (Cemu).

In this guide, I will show you how to install the USB Helper, download games and how to install them on Cemu!

Wii U USB Helper:

Setup Cemu:

Setup Wii U USB Helper: 0:25
Install files on Cemu: 4:05

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  1. If it doesn't work you can try a few things:

    1. Run as admin
    2. Reinstall (the version shown in the video)
    3. Do a manual install (check below)
    4. Do a clean install (check below)
    5. If you get any .dll or .NET errors, google "download .NET framework.

    ❗Manual install

    Step 1. Download the launcher:
    Step 2. Download Wii U USB Helper:
    Step 3. Extract the helper, then the launcher in the same folder.
    Step 4. Run USBHelperLauncher.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. Make a shortcut of it on the desktop.

    ❗Clear install

    To clear your current install, you must follow these steps:
    Step 1. Look for the launcher's tray icon in the taskbar.
    Step 2. Right click it and go to Advanced -> Clear Install.
    Step 3. Wait until the progress bar finishes.

  2. 1:54 I get an thing that pops up when I put my website in it say: unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you continue the application will ignore this error and attempt the continue. If you click quit the application will close immediately.

    How do I fix it?

  3. how can i change where it installes updates/dlc´s because when i download my update or dlcs i cant find them i already looked in the games folder

  4. I already downloaded SSB4 and it's working, but I didn't download the DLC, can I just download the DLC and use WUP Installer to get the DLC without losing all the progress I made?

  5. Hi I can’t get off ETA aquiring data.. and says checking integrity files and the download finishes in under 2sexonds saying it’s complete when of corse it isn’t.. any ideas please guys? This is on all downloads

  6. So Wii U USB downloads the update and DLC. Then it never appears in the downloaded section. They are actually on my PC but I cant extract them. Any Ideas?

  7. Hi, can I move my "roms"files after updating? I updated because it didnt like the folder I was using. TY, but it worked, thanks so much!!!

  8. I got this error:

    "I am very sorry but the installer has encountered a critical error."
    and then some System.xml extension stuff that I don't undertand.

    When I try to click on the alternate installer, it gives me an error 403 screen.

  9. why do i have to re-download the game every time i reboot the app? is there a way to have it downloaded and it stays?


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