How to Use Zoom Online Meetings – Setting up an account and hosting a meeting tutorial


This video has been updated 2020!!!
Audio Enhancement for Zoom Krisp:
Add this to your meeting instructions:
When joining zoom by dialing in by phone, the following commands can be entered via DTMF tones using your phone’s dialpad while in a Zoom Meeting:

*6 – Toggle mute/un-mute
*9 – Toggle raise/lower hand

Here are the green screen things I use for my videos:
Green screen curtain:
Green screen collapsible:

Need better lighting? Here are the lighting things I use for my videos:
Ring Light:
Umbrella Lights:

This is for clearing up sound in Zoom

Need better sound? Here are the mics that I use:
Yeti mic:
Rode phone mic:
Need this adapter for iPhone 3ring-to-4ring audio adapter:
Lightening to 3.5 adapter:

These are the best headphones I have found for Zoom or just on your computer:

This video is about Using Video Meetings –– specifically why you should use online meetings and a bit of a tutorial on how to use my favorite online meeting platform, Zoom.

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  1. Thank you Ben for your positive information.. nice to see doterra info I also am part of Doterra. Great to see your smiling face in these times of this terrible virus. God bless you and your family.

  2. Hello Sir, best greetings from Poland. I am a public high school teacher who was forced to leave the comfort zone of his traditional classroom and made to conduct lessons online. Skype did not meet my expectations so my students directed me to ZOOM. Thanks to your tutorial I feel more confident to start my classes using ZOOM just in two days. Off I go to test and try with my studnets who wanted to help me get it done right. Take care. Maciej

  3. Thank you for the tutorial Ben. It is well detailed well done. My questions to you, is I am planning to get the Pro (time limit issue) but I'm looking for 2 features, 1- from host with video camera on I would like to move from time to time, back and forth to share my screen and do a presentation with a powerpoint. Can this be done? Would you suggest I do this on one computer or should I mirror from another device with powerpoint on it? 2- Can the host choose to see and not see everyone? Also can everyone see one another if of course host permits? Thank you in advance for your help.

  4. Hi TBen, can you explain how you minimize the host, what I mean is you are showing in the bottom of the screen, all I get is just me covering the background

  5. I have set up a zoom account and I managed to invite a participant she did receive the invite and accepted but did not appear on my screen do I have to do anything to accept people on – I am intending to teach yoga classes people person no an It person!

  6. Nice video thank you. Can Zoom be used by folks with only a landline phone… not a computer or internet, just a phone? Thanks Ben you're videos are helpful.

  7. can you split screen with one other participant as in an interview setting, record the interview, download and edit later?

  8. question: does the free plan allow for 2 hosts; asking for a childrens bible study class and there are 2 teachers? thanks

  9. If there are two hosts can we each have separate credentials for signing into our zoom account? When setting the account up it requires an email address but is that the email address for signing into the account? We would like the option to not use each others email when hosting.

  10. I run a recovery community. Our folks normally come to a main building for class. There are 6-10 people living in a home. How would you recommend we join the entire group to the zoom meeting (e.g. they are all sitting in a living room and it seems having them all on their own phones would be an odd way to do it). Can we put a computer in the house and just use that? How about a Smart TV? Please advise how to join 6 people in one location to the instructor in another location. Thanks

  11. Hi Ben, I have a specific question on the use of the product. I'm D/deaf and voice capable. It offers me a unique challenge. I currently find that when I use skype for team meetings or when someone is doing some training I call in using a video relay service from Sorenson and connect in through our business skype account. Through my computer I can see their screen and watch the sign language interpreter on my other device. This works, other than when I look at the screen while the person is still talking, I miss what they are saying and when I watch the terp, I miss what is on the screen. Can I connect in with both devices, in the same way we do now? Second, could I share both screens on Zoom… as in put the screen of my cell phone and the video of me on my computer (as a participant) onto the Zoom Screen?

  12. I remembered that my counselor talked to me about this website. She told me that if I’ve ever needed to contact my teachers to ask them a question I could use Zoom. I remember thinking “I dislike video chats. I’m sure I will never use it”

    And here I am. Trying to learn go to use it

  13. I know it was hard to show due to your set up, is it two way speaking between you and all the devices or does one have to be invited to respond, one at a time? And can the other participants speak directly to any other participant without the host needing to do anything? Very informative and yes, I guess we're all here for the same reason just now.


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