Joe Biden's Big Win In South Carolina Spelled The End For Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Steyer


A decisive win by Joe Biden in the South Carolina primary prompted three other Democrats to suspend their campaigns for president. #Monologue #Colbert #Comedy

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  1. Biden would get many more votes if he would leave the 2nd amendment alone. The laws you want to put in place are only gonna effect the law abiding citizens. You dont know what a assault weapon is. Yes you can get automatic guns through a bunch of red tape but non law abiding citizens dont care about the red tape. Wake up Democrats

  2. How can ppl still want Biden for Prez? Bernie's around the same age, yet not only is coherent but shows a lot of spirit and at least has some actual ideas of his own instead of just thinking name-dropping is enough to give him credit to get into the job. That only gets your foot in the door, now is actually WELL past the time that you needed to step it up and show you can actually DO the job.

  3. Lied lied lied
    Biden beats pres Trump ?
    Never, ever biden was corruption even his son was as well
    Whole world has known about this
    In fact only fake news media ,crap talk show quite lied of it
    Pres Trump has been great president of USA, biden couldn't be in comparison with him
    So stopping lie around any more

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  5. Biden does not have dementia. That is a lie being spread primarily by supporters of Sanders. Both Biden and Sanders are very old. Biden's lifetime struggles with stuttering has an effect on how well he expresses himself, including stumbling over words. And, yes, he is old. Sanders has some good ideas but he is impossible to work with because he is unable to build coalitions or come to a compromise (which is what you need in politics). Yes, is is old too. And then there's drumph–an old man with a long history of failure, bullying, chronic lying, greed, infidelity, and malignant narcissism. He's really, really old with none of the wisdom you're supposed to get with longevity. And these three are the guys duking it out for president.
    Now Biden is far ahead of Sanders with delegates, and Sanders has absolutely no chance of getting the nomination. Mathematically impossible. Sanders should concede graciously, but it looks like he's going to be a sore loser and a spoiler just like in 2016. More important is for everyone–Democrats, Independents, and irritated never-Trmp Republicans–to rally together and get Biden elected and drmp out of power for good.
    Let's get to work on this, everybody.

  6. When Stephen takes off his aviators and puts his glasses back on, I kind of get the feeling he's also wearing a colorful spandex suit under his suit, and regularly hurries into phone booths for a quick change. It's like he becomes someone with a big secret…

  7. Sure, Joe Biden may not be the most eloquent speaker to run for President, but at least he's honestly trying, and willing to admit when he doesn't get it right. Unlike some people I could name who immediately take to twitter to proclaim to all and sundry that he was right, it's history itself that's totally unforgivably wrong.

  8. Biden IS Senile, he is stuck in the past. Our Country needs Positive change. We will not get it from Biden. If the Dems want to beat Trump, they need a Candidate with STRONG Charisma,. Bernie has that, but, I think there is a lot of closet racial bias against him because he's Jewish, not to mention an illogical fear of Socialism. People have so little faculty of thought, that they are unable to look at what the Norwegian Countries have been able to do, especially in terms of overall Happiness compared with the rest of the world. All they can engage for brain power is to think, OMG that sounds like Communism, which is totally bullshit. Honestly, I think that about 48% of American Voters are Morons who can't think for themselves, ergo, my assessment for the outcome of our Country is not rosy. The US peaked just before we outsourced out Manufacturing to countries with cheap labor. Hear what Ross Perot's assessment was, that guy was Brilliant!

  9. His verbal stumbles have people worried about his mental fitness. Maybe they’d be more understanding if they knew he’s still fighting a stutter.

  10. Poor Bernie, getting sabotaged again by his own party. With a guy who can't even remember his name or what state he's in and says he's running for Senate.

  11. Anyone who is voting for Bernie Sanders listen to this, do you really think that a progressive could easily beat Trump if it comes down to those two? You got to remember that Hillary Clinton was a progressive and she got beat by Trump in the 2016 election. Not to mention that the end goal long after that was to beat Trump. This requires not just Democratic support but also Republican support as well. Bernie’s Medicare for All would be way too much money and it would literally be like Obamacare all over again if not worse. To put it bluntly that policy is completely unrealistic. So most people of the older range of the spectrum would turn to Biden due to the fact that he is a moderate and could stand a chance against Tump. Yeah his age is a huge issue as well as his sons massive controversy, but in terms of someone who is part of the moderate Democrats Biden just might be our best bet.

  12. As a non American, please vote for Bernie. As we can see Biden health is not 100%. Stop playing with fire or I would not be surprise Trump will win this election.

  13. If Biden picks Pete as VP, then he could just let him do all of the talking. It would be refreshing. Okay for that matter whomever he picks. I have nothing against Bernie, but I don't think he will get the nomination. Much like he didn't get it the last time.

  14. Oprah's shoe right heel gave up apparently, all shoes with heels are bad, even a small one, makes the ankle buckle, it's anti-anatomical for the whole body, as the bad position reflect on the rest of the skeleton. Biden a Democrat, he's as close as a Republican as anyone can be while being in the Democratic Party, what a joke: "We want Democracy Without progress; vote Biden 2020"

    Joe Biden Caught Asking Young Girl 'Do You Know How Horny … And this is the guy we want to be our next president?

  16. Maybe we should start thinking about putting an age maximum on running for president. I mean, it's alright to have a minimum right? Talking about someone being too young to run the country isn't ageist, but talking about someone being too old to run the country is. This guy is probably going to be President and I have a feeling half the time he doesn't know where he is.


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