Kingdom Season 2 Ending Explained


Kingdom Season 2 Ending Explained
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  1. For people that love the show & maybe love reading manga/manhwa. I recommend "Shin Ango Onshi" as it could be the prequel or alternative universe to this series which is also from the same OG author of this show. It's an epic dark fantasy within Joseon that also have rather horror themes with undead & evil & demons.

  2. I wanna say the new chick at the end is japanese and looking for revenge. Remmeber that war was only 3+7=10 years ago. Also just wanted to clarify for people who are confused. The nurse with the baby never put him in water, when he didnt turn she assumed he was fine, remmeber in her notes she said that babies are not susceptible to the parasite because of their under developed brains. So the worms have been living in the young king for 7 years now.

  3. YOOO IM SO THRILLED WHEN I SAW JUN JI HYUN. I LOVE HER. I’m pretty sure that plague thing will happen again because Ji hyun is such a popular actress. Unless she’s just making a cameo then idk

  4. A few questions, that may lead into theories:

    What was up with the young king's personal assistant, inspecting his bite mark whilst he was sleeping?

    Could the mysterious new character at the end be one of the last surviving remnants of the Cho Clan? Maybe loyal to the queen and is exacting revenge?


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