Lunch Bunch | King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #66


The guys play an all new Race My Case and talk Boy George’s Sidepiece, Dark Web Penguin Salesmen, 90 Day Fiance’, No Neck Ed, Think Rolls, Marshmallow Guns, Michael Rapaport vs Trump, Sumo Wrestlers, Easter vs Halloween and much more!

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  1. Adrian Peterson‘s son got beat on his little wiener as well never forget they had Photos of the welts as evidence

  2. Brendan is that dude. Wedge to fighter to holding his own with Theo? That's no joke. None of us could do better. He's doing just fine and I love him despite the fact that he repulses me on an instinctual level.

  3. That beer chugging “device” is not new. Take a beer bottle, put a bendy straw in the top and bam, strawpedo that sucka. Beer bong? Wtf kids, it’s called a funnel, get it together

  4. I’m new and this podcasts is becoming one of my favorites to watch just watched an episode where Theo didn’t believe the virus was real.. well wasn’t so serious. This starts with him dressed like that and telling them they all gonna die 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Brendan is always stealing comedians swag he’s been sounding like Rogan a lot lately not just this episode where Theo called it out


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