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Live broadcast: March 19, 2020
Presented by: Don LeClair, Associate Director, Database Search and Systems

Interested in learning if you are descended from a Mayflower passenger? Tracing your connection to the Mayflower has never been easier! offers the largest collection of searchable Mayflower genealogy databases in the world. Discover the databases and online resources at that can help you make the connection you’ve been looking for. From indexed GSMD applications to scholarly journals to compiled genealogies and study projects, you will learn how to leverage these resources in your family history research.


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  1. Thank you for the video. Two years ago I was accepted into the DAR and am presently going through 17th C Colonial dames membership.
    A couple years ago I discovered that Resolved White and his parents William and Suzannah were my great grandparents. Hannah White Hayward,
    Mercy Hayward Brown, Abner Brown, Thankful Brown Whitiker Brewer, Jonah Brewer, Ira Brewer, Ella Brewer, Roy M Harvey, my mother and then me. Resolved White married Judith Vassall daughter of William Vassal (financier of the Winthropp Fleet).


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