Netflix's “Too Hot To Handle” – Analysis Of Ep.1


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  1. You're right. You know societies and decline when the women are bragging about how they have indiscriminate partners. Sex positive movement has destroyed everything

  2. I don't find any of the women on this show attractive either. Rhonda is the only borderline acceptable one here. I guess the type of women I like would never sign up for a show like this lol.


    maybe you can make a video on this subject.
    just saying

  4. The number one adult star was Lisa Ann, she's in her forties..then her spot was temporarily taken by that one girl Mia…what does that tell you?

  5. This video is the reason why I took a moment to watch the first episode, fortunately I didn’t finish it, I will say the girls are HOT looking but flat out DUMB and I agree that i am not attracted to any of them, the only dude I think is ok, is Matthew all the other dudes are full of themselves (including the dude I mentioned), I’d say the only thing I find entertaining is seeing who’s attracted to who. Today it’s not about us anymore and the show shows it which is why I stopped watching TV shows and movies a year after high school, everything is really about women to this day, and about what they want.

  6. Anything that is labelled as 'Reality TV' should be aware it's probably fake Fantasy BS. I don't watch any of this crap, including Joe Exotic

  7. Enough of these craps , why would anyone watch this sh##t . Any way not gonna waist my internet data on watching this crap.

  8. I honestly feel that the casting of this show really missed the opportunity to have a good message and help people. To intentionally cast airheads both male/female who are conventionally attractive makes it seem like the issue of hookup culture and not forming connections with people only affects those kinds of people.

    I know very intelligent and high achieving ivy league grads, as well as very average people who are into hookups. I think that using individuals with at least a few brain cells would have helped the lesson of why it is an issue resonate with people more.

    Instead, they just make it out like this is only an issue with 1% of supper "attractive" models who most people can't relate to anyway.

  9. You are so correct about their intelligence. Every single person on this show for sure is a vacuous airhead with no capacity of having a decent conversation

  10. The fact that these people have so little restraint shows the complete degeneracy of people these days who literally can't handle not being a whore for a few weeks

  11. the fact that asking people NOT to sleep around for MONEY is so shocking that people can't even fathom the idea is outrageous

  12. i would win this show so easily. I'm an introvert, socially awkward, never had sex or even kissed before and most of all NONE of those thots turn me on. Looking at them just gets me disgusted honestly.

  13. You think you’re better than these people by reviewing it and calling them thots and airheads? I don’t agree with the show in general but there’s no need to completely slate these real people. They’re young people that like sex and they’re good looking that’s why they were picked for the show. Just because they might not have a high iq doesn’t mean they’re any less worthy than you.


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