One Piece Theory (+956) – The Traitor of Kouzuki Clan!


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– Aban – Digimon Adventure OST
– Songs from Rurouni Kenshin and Digimon Adventure OST.

FAIR USE: This is a non-profit fanmade reviewing video. I do NOT own the rights of any of the songs and pictures used in this video. One Piece rights belongs to Eichiiro Oda, Shueisha’s Jump Comics division and Toei Animation.

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  1. I am your new subscriber now bruh.i was here before but i was not subscribing before coz in my mind it won’t happen you’re theory but now i am your new fan bruh i did subscribe coz you hit the exact character for being a traitor in wani arc.

    Congrats bruh.

  2. I feel like my not liking his character style backfired. Sure, the dragon he drew was cute, (and I hadn't thought to link that it was indeed a dragon) but I don't like being prejudice. The guys the biggest clown among them. I never saw this video, maybe it would have swayed me.

    Well done, Pineapple Theorist.


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