Potato Dumpling Soup (Gamja-ongsimi-guk: 감자옹심이국)


Today I’m going to show you how to make Korean potato dumpling soup, called gamja-ongsimi-guk (감자옹심이국). Gamja are potatoes, guk is soup, and ongsimi means some kind of balls or dumplings. Full recipe:

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  1. Seriously….just watching you makes me smile….. I feel much better after simply wanting you. you are like an energiser . Thank you for being you..!!💜💛💚💙

  2. Maangchi! Thank you so much for this recipe. I was able to make this for my family and it was so delicious. This will always be in my korean recipe collection 🥰

  3. I know it's been a while since you have uploaded this recipe, but I finally made it and it is absolutely delicious and soo simple to make. Thanks so much for sharing your delicious food with us. Much love from London. 💖

  4. I love ur videos very much….u r very expressive and ur style of telling things is amazing…Love from Beautiful India#DamaliSaree

  5. How could time fly so fast? 2 years had passed since I last binge watched ur videos. Now that I'm in the highlands again where all these vegetables are available, I'm really happy to be able to cook Maangchi's recipe again. Such a happiness u give us Maangchi 💞 Thank you and God bless u always! 😘

  6. Thank you for this video!! I made this for lunch today and it was SOO good! I've never had potato dumplings made this way before! The texture was so satisfying and they just soaked up all the flavor of the stock. I'll definitely make this a regular meal at my home.


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