ProArt PA32UCX Monitor – News from CES 2019


Our new 32” ProArt PA32UCX takes the faithful reproduction of real life even further to deliver a deliver a premium HDR monitor complete with a bespoke panel lit by Mini LEDs.

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  1. WARNING VAPORWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asus is dishonest AF. They "announced" the PA32C and then pa32ucx and listed them as a product on their web page back in Early February. As of today, Nine months after listing it as a product (after talking to them) they have ZERO idea when or even IF these monitors will ever come to market. Asus is a very dishonest company when it comes to marketing – they listVaproware items as full fledged products and even take "pre orders" for something that NINE months later they admit they have no idea if it will even come to market!

  2. Listen monitor companies. There is a reason why OLED has glossy surfaces. Give the market a glossy monitor with all of the specs of this monitor. Reflections are not an issue on OLED, and they won’t be with this monitor at that brightness and our ability to control our environment. Give us colors that pop and don’t make a nice high end display to merely take some of it back behind that milky anti glare

  3. Funny how a lot of people in the comments don't realize that this monitor is targeting professionals. Hence the high price tag and missing gaming features/capabilities.


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