Slim Pickings At The Boot Sales | Worrying Times Ahead


Two Boot Sales this weekend & they weren’t very big at all! Slim pickings but still got some cool stuff to make a healthy profit on 👍🏻

👕 MERCH: 👚

Small: 6×9 Yellow Bags x100
Medium: 12×16 Orange Bags x100
Large: 18×24 Olive Bags x50
Clear Warning Packing Bags 12×16 x200

2 Rolls JIFFY Large Bubble Wrap 50m x 500mm:
6 Rolls of Black Pallet/Shrink Wrap:
Brown Kraft Paper 600mm x 200M:
300kg Flat Plate Parcel Scales:
Insulation Knife:
Royal Mail Size Guide:

LED Panel Lights:

Mini Aluminium Tripod –
Mannequin –

Double Tape Dispenser:
Extra Wide 3” Tape Dispenser (Orange):
Extra Wide 3″ Tape Dispenser (Blue):
Brown Extra Wide Parcel Tape:
Regular Clear Scotch Tape:

Samsung Laser Printer
Zebra 6×4 Shipping Label Thermal Printer
Universal Power Adapter:
GoPro Multi-Angle Back Pack Clip


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  1. hi george ,boot fairs all cancelled until further now ,as a fellow seller ,please give me your expert opinion on the dispatch times in these difficult times i phoned e bay only answering machine ,i use hermes drop off shops which are shutting down ,so i extended my dispatch times to 30 days ,i ask is this the correct way to go in these uncertain times

  2. I have been reselling since eBay began. I buy from carboots, flea markets and charity shops. They have all closed around here for the foreseeable future so that's my business over for probably the rest of the year. I have even taken everything off eBay due to having low stock plus I'm over my target for my tax year anyway plus the way delivery has been effected plus social distancing, I'm avoiding drop off points and the post office. Even selling from home is dodgy as people will either be wary of collection or you will be wary of them having the virus. Oh I'm not entitled to any benefits unless I self isolate for two weeks that's it zero

  3. george why you pay for the additional device for the can use your phone as a router and share internet with all devices around. I do that all the time.I can use laptop with my mobile net everywhere I want

  4. Can't believe you bought those trainers even after you looked at the soles, did you not notice the damage? Lol.

  5. Well you of all people surprised me with them trainers mate love these videos stay safe mate take care

  6. I can stand 2 feet away from people in a charity shop (which even those are now starting to shut) but yet a boot-sale in an open field is a no go…. it's absolute craziness at the moment bring back the boot-sales

  7. I wouldn't be too worried about the suspension of boot sales for a few months, what would be worrying me is the recession which will follow all this.

  8. Car boots seem to be slim pickings but finding better quality items at the charity shops (I assume as a result of people not wanting to go out?) so stocking up before they shut as well.

  9. eBay is my hobby really. Driving is my main source of income and that has now ceased due to coronavirus. Our health is more important than being out and about and touching things that countless others have touched. A car boot is the last place I’d wanna be right now. Let’s stay in people unless it’s absolutely essential. Health is wealth.

  10. Uncertain times ahead. I hear the troops are being deployed and lock down is likely to happen very very soon. Make sure you have all provisions you need george. as for posting parcels …who knows?

  11. I have noticed this a lot in George’s videos he always calls the colour orange red? And it’s every time he describes a orange item he says it’s red.

  12. By the middle of next week London will be on lock down…can't believe this is's like a film..stay safe everyone 🙂

  13. Those trainers are picked up by people that will resole, restore them or even customise the shoe. There are a few of these people on youtube. Or they are picked up by people who have a certain sexual fetish. 🤣😮😅

  14. Mate I went to France last week to get some stock (and visit family) I go to their car boot sales and I get absolutely incredible stuff then drive it back to the uk. This time every single car boot was cancelled due to corona, came home from the trip early, gutting.

  15. Ever tried shoe goo? I think you can buy it in black or transparent? You can also buy something called Sugru which is what I can best describe as a sort of mouldable rubber which is sold in a variety of colours.

    Midsummer Murders… don't bother buying a sealed disc one just state in the description that you opened first one to check that the disc was inside. In fact, it was quite likely that is what somebody else did! 😉

  16. Hi George , as a great fan of the channel as well as Nic & Andrea , do not want to be the person with doom and gloom, but as title says it is worrying times ahead.
    I see things only getting worse and for at least 4 months . We are still at the bottom of the graph and 2 weeks behind Spain and Italy who are now both having a nightmare.
    But i would encourage you to make some videos on why you picked up some items over the last year or so and maybe a little background on the item a bit like say Techmoan's channel.
    As this could be quite entertaining and or interest to your subs. As we will have plenty of time on our hands sitting indoors over the coming months.
    Also i would like to give out 2 links here to how the virus started
    And why China is now starting to recover from the virus 4 months later

  17. Did you ask about the PS4 games? I usually get some nice fast sales from video games (depending on what ofc). Picked up 5 Xbox One games last week, £3-£5 each, made £5 – £10 profit on each after fees, etc!

  18. All my boot sales have been postponed or cancelled ! I don’t know if sourcing is a good idea right now . I don’t know what I’m going to do tbh. I’m thinking of getting a temp job in warehouse /supermarket as I won’t be able to survive off my reselling business at this rate 😫

  19. i think that might be the end of carboots for everyone for now but nice finds i got to one last weekend too but all cancelled going forward

  20. Royal Mail emailed me and said it’s business as usual. They are suspending any guaranteed services, and there maybe slightly longer turnarounds, but that’s it. I’ve been posting second class all week with no issues at all. My FBA group on FB has posted about a temporary restriction on FBA shipments, but it’s only applies to certain categories. So all in all, things seem OK on the seller end. Every reseller has their own algorithm and game plan anyway, so best thing anyone can do is just source smart and prioritise what items to resell. I think the full time Ebayers have legitimately more to worry about than the part timers, or FBA crowd. My FBA sales have been stronger than ever this week, and all personal care for the most part. My EBay listings have been average at best.

  21. Survival of the fittest indeed. Everybody will soon be quarantine at home flicking through Amazon and eBay bores as hell. I also think online selling will increase as people won’t like to go shopping, so effectively everything will sell


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