Sony – BRAVIA MASTER Series Factory Calibration (full)


Discover how the hard work and dedication of our production team in the factory ensures every MASTER Series television reproduces the creator’s intent.

MASTER Series. A title given to only select televisions that meet Sony’s highest standards. A television that faithfully reproduces the creators’ intent. Discover lifelike realism, emotions, imagination, and beauty, like never before.
Learn more about our MASTER Series Philosophy:

Visual effects and UI are simulated.
Actual product design may be different depending on region.
“SONY” and “BRAVIA” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.


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  1. This is one of the big Japanese electronic giant which will end in matter of short time Tech got cheap to produce hanks to China.

  2. Ni loco compro.. Son una basura… Ya qué luego te quitan el soporte y queda inservibles… Antes era mi marca favorita .. Pero con el desinterés de la empresa hacia el cliente… No me quedó de otra que cambiar de marca… Que si de soporte Y atención al cliente..

  3. Now Iam using sony trinitron old crt tv 29 inch over 15 years……perfect working….. no complaints

  4. Sony used to be good , but lately their TV's and panels are way worse than the competitors , their display ribbon are prompt to failure .
    Maintenance is extremely hard . their only good points currently are the sound system and the build -in android TV .
    imagine buying a TV that you spend around 2000 $ , after two years of use , the TV malfunction , and you have to throw you tv because it non repairable .
    i have 3 tv's that are collecting dust all are Sony's 🙁

  5. Laptop – 11 years (still high functioning)
    Tv – 10 years (good as new)
    Phone – 7 years (i have no prob good as new)
    Camera – 4 years (amazing)
    Sony provided me high quality products ever since. As long as you’re taking care of the product; the product’s quality will never disappoint.

  6. せっかく中韓潰すんだから、もうちょいやり方考えろよw



  7. 2008 year's sony bravia With a very high usage, never had a problem it works perfectly and an 1080p image quality always really good.

  8. So glad Sony is from Japan. Love Sony! When I was kid I watching Spiderman And it my favorite superhero was and didn't know it from Sony and I love it. Since a teenager been playing playstation and didn't know it from Sony until I was 14 or 15 and I'm glad I'm support Sony as my favorite company!


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